End and Begin Your Year on a High Note

The end of the year.

Are you excited that it’s here and have the warm and fuzzies for the holidays?

Or do you feel anxious, worried, and bummed out because you’re not even close to how you pictured this year to be?

Perhaps, you may be a little bit of both.  This is the time of year that nudges you to take inventory of your career and personal life.       

Me?  I’m gearing up for warm and fuzzies as my husband and I begin to decorate our home with holiday cheer with talks of goodies and gifts.  However, this doesn’t go without sharing that […]

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Four Ingredient Vegan Pumpkin Pie that’s OMG Delicious

We’re in the midst of the holiday season so I wanted to share a pumpkin pie that is a – I can’t believe it’s that good to be a healthy sweet treat – recipe with you.  You see, I was raised eating pumpkin pie with butter and brown sugar added to the fullest in most desserts during the Holidays.

Several Thanksgivings ago, my husband and I made our first Thanksgiving dinner.  It was just for the two of us, but we went all out from the stuffed Turkey, to mac and cheese, sweet potato souffle, to the stuffing and all the […]

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Freedom for Yourself from Negative People

“You can teach other people how to love you by how you love yourself.” – TD Jakes

A negative relationship in your life can easily distract you, zap your energy, and make it challenging for you to be your most creative and happiest self.

How do I know?  I’m no different from you – I experience them too.

I’m here to share a lesson I’ve been learning myself and truly starting to understand.

As we all have experienced in life not everyone will be in your corner, celebrate you, understand you, nor support you at times or perhaps even never.

So I’m grateful […]

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The Mindset to Keep from Quitting Acting

Quit?  Nope, that’s not how my story goes.

As a girl from the South, I once said, I would never move to California because I was afraid to experience an earthquake.

Yep, that was before I was bitten by the acting bug or that feeling of joy rather. 😉

So now being a working actress in LA, it will still tickle my fancy to be on set looking out past the set trailers to see California mountains.

Sometimes when you set out to do something, that feeling of awe can still come over you when you find yourself actually doing the thing you set […]

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