Committing to a Fit Jam

I like being and feeling strong in my everyday life and also for my acting career.  So I was totally stoked when…

I finally found a program my Doc said yes too!

Dunh, dunh, dunh, dunh, dunh….I’m so excited, I got Jay-Z’s, Dirt Off Your Shoulder playing in my head and even trying to spell out the instrumental beginning cuz that’s how much I’m feeling it.

For the past almost 3 months, I’m been going to Yoga class and stretching at home, but I wanted to do more. However, my chiro has said NO to my choice in workouts.  Every week and as […]

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Take a Step Back to Propel Yourself Forward

In life, sometimes you have to take a huge step back, take time away, and surrender in order to propel yourself forward.

For me? Life spoke of change several years in a row.

It felt like one big whirlwind. One year I took a lot of hits from peeps I used to call friends, the next I suffered the huge loss of my Mother, to the next – I went on a big upswing of a lot of wins in my acting career – TV here I come!

I found myself caught up going in the direction of wherever the wind blew.  And […]

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Don’t Throw in the Towel

Do you plan to stay in the game?

Sometimes a major player in the game gets hurt and has to stand on the sidelines, but one thing he knows for sure, he’ll be back in the game.

At Coach Summit, one of my fave things to do is the Super Saturday workout at the crack of dawn, led by all the celebrity trainers like – Chalene Johnson, Shaun T., Autumn Calabrese, and Tony Horton to name a few. Usually every year I share sweaty pics from the infamous workout that’s among thousands of other coaches.  This year it was 25,000 of us!

Broadway […]

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Sexy Substitute for Mashed Potatoes

Love mashed potatoes, but trying to watch the carbs?

I may just have a solution for you.

Now, don’t get me wrong once in a while, I do still get down with the real deal garlic mashed potatoes as I believe in the rule of thumb of everything in moderation.

However, I experienced mashed cauliflower a little over two years having dinner at Veggie Grill and loved, loved, loved it!

Being from the south, I grew up on mashed potatoes and loved them, but where I’m at now in my life, being more health-conscious with my food choices, I now enjoy eating cauliflower […]

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