5 Ways to Harness a Flow in Your Acting Career and Life

Harness a Flow in Your Acting Career and Life

The New Year has begun.

What will you make of it?

Pilot Season is among us, commercial auditions have geared up again, holiday eating has come to an end, healthy eating is calling your name, monthly bills continue to stack up, work at your side job is back in full effect, downtime with self, fam and friends still remains a – must, and goals for your New Year…have been written or – not.

So, how’s it been going thus far for you?

Like really…which below feels oh so like you.  Are you…

– Feeling pumped that the New Year is here and ready to bring your A-game?

– Bummed out, have anxiety, and downright depressed because of unexpected life circumstances and fear another year may go by without you realizing any possibility of your dreams or visions?

– Ate too many sweets over the holidays and giving your body a necessary reset and cleanse?

– Addicted to sugar now from too many sweets over the holidays that you just can’t help yourself – thus gaining weight?

– Are you sticking to your New Year goals?

– Crushed a goal or two already?!

– Never wrote any goals out?

– Missing your family already from the holidays?

– Glad holiday time with the family is done and over so you can get back to really being YOU?

– Loving your new side job now because it actually fills you up with joy and a purpose?

– Dreading being back at the same side job you hate, but need it to cover your rent and get new headshots, etc?

– Get cast in a role and auditioning like crazy at the top of the year?

– Feeling desperate because you don’t have an agent or manager especially during pilot season…again?

GUESS WHAT…either answer is neither right or wrong. It just is – where you are at right now.  Yep, life ebbs and flows and is forever changing.

Here’s the beauty of it all…

If you are in your positive vibe zone right now – stay in your flow.  Seriously, shoot for the moon and blaze your trail!

If you are not feeling motivated to do what you had planned to do to start this year off with a bang and starting to go down that slippery slope of swirling around in the rabbit hole of limited beliefs?

That is OK. You are OK.

Perhaps, experiencing a little bit of both?

If you’re saying, “Um that’s me…life usually offers up both at the same time.  In this case – ride the wave and enjoy what’s going great in your life.  For what’s not, give it your time and attention to help smooth out the rough edges.  Hang tight, I’ll explain later on how to do this below.

For me…this will be the first year I am not starting the year off with a Super Woman List of goals.  What? Gasp, I know.  More so though with my most important goals – yep, I’m finding my flow.

On that note, I realized at the end of last year, I was feeling depleted physically and mentally so I had to make some tough decisions because of course, you know as humans…we wanna do it all – ALL of the time.

Like, get ready…I decided to take some time off from attending acting class.  Nor will you see me as much on the socials at the beginning of the New Year.  Nope, another gasp, I know!

It kinda felt strange to me too at first.  But if you are familiar with my story, you know what’s most important in my life and for my acting career.  I continuously keep learning to trust and lean into truly harnessing – living and working in flow.

And at times to live in flow you gotta find it – what works for you. And not be afraid to step away from the norm of “what it takes” to make it as an actor.

Trust me, that was NOT an easy decision to make especially with Pilot Season right around the corner?! I chose it though and feel good about it – as I will return when I feel it’s best to and I also know that it will NOT bring my career to a stopping point, yet allow it to organically flourish and unfold.

As you may also know my health and happiness comes first vs. getting my hustle and grind on thinking that’s the only way. I no longer have any interest in working like a human machine while depleting my wellbeing and happiness.

Now, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to work for it, oh…you DO, but remember – it’s in how you go about it that makes the difference in your experience while on the journey.  And for me, it’s absolutely how I get to enjoy the journey – booking more with ease vs from the feeling of lack and necessity.

So my stars, if you too are having to make some tough decisions or just need to get real with yourself with where you are at – know that it ain’t the end of your ride unless YOU choose to believe it is.  The how to’s…

5 Ways to Harness a Flow in Your Acting Career and Life:

“What you put your attention on grows strong in your life.” – Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

1 Own your true feelings.  Until we deal – we can’t heal nor really live real.

2 Stop. Reflect. and Redirect.

I feel as actors there is always this extra pressure on us to have our shiznit together in an audition room, in acting class, on a shoot, on the red carpet, at an event, and even on social media(for the most part, we like most tend to share our highlight reels) regardless if life isn’t going so great for us. You feelin’ me?

Let’s face it – as an actor, it comes with the job to professionally present and represent while truly keeping it real through the stories we tell.  I mean…how fun is it to play a hot mess and own it, not giving a bleep?!

However, when you allow that to run over into your own personal life and feel like you have to be “perfect” while in the privacy of your own home – that serves you none.

Your true feelings matter so don’t ignore them behind closed doors. That’s the perfect space for you to give them your time, attention, and energy.

There IS always a way out of where we are at any given time on our journey in life and as we build our acting career.

You may ask how?

Sometimes that means:

3 Putting an end to beating yourself up, sulking, blaming, doubting, and playing the self-sabotage game and just surrender.  You can and will figure it out.

4 Reaching out for help from a family member, friend, therapist, or career coach.

A big lesson I learned was to stop trying to do it all myself and make it all own my own in life especially living as an actor in LA, whew. Don’t let your pride get the best of you – lean on or invest in someone other than yourself.

5 Taking advantage of the present time once you have your thoughts and feelings in alignment again – start over from where you are at in that moment.

As I had to do…

Make a plan that honors you and your life as a whole – choosing your top priorities to navigate where you spend your time, writing out your goals from a place of what “success” looks like for – you, your career, and your life.

Bonus: Go further than just goals. Your feelings are a great compass. Turn inward in all areas of your life to find out where you really stand in your truth.

Find out…

What is it you really want out of life and your career – is it still the same as what you thought before or is it time to take a different route on your journey? What’s working for you and what’s not? Who in your life feels right and in support of you and who doesn’t?

Enjoy finding your flow my stars.

Know that it is a continuous thing to do and pay attention to. It’s what helps keep life feeling adventurous, good, fun and that everything is possible and will work it’s way out for you.

Then, trust that the more you accept the ebb and flow of life and that seasons change – whether you’re experiencing the good vs what you may call the “bad”, allow the tides to turn – you never know where they will take you.

P.S. Want a customized action plan for you and your acting career to start off the New Year with a Winner’s Start?  Sign-up for a Free 30-min. one-on-one Flow Coaching Session to start your year off in a successful flow.

Flow, Shine & Book,


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