5 Ways to Stay In Flow When It’s Slow

WARNING ACTORS:  This blog post is not to share any acting career tips to improve your luck on finding representation, to get more auditions, or improve your booking ratio. ; )

Nope. Nada. Not today.

Instead, I’m here to help you keep raising the bar on being YOU, on your way of life, and how you are staying happy and whole – as the best version of you. How to stay in Flow When it’s slow.

So lets, dive in.

Do you go stir crazy when the industry feels slow?

You know – when days, weeks, months, or half a year goes by and you can’t get an audition to save your life, much less a booking – a co-star, guest-star, a role in an indie, or heck even extra work on a SAG commercial!

I hear you.  Feel you.  Still experience it too.

You’ll find many fellow actors saying…and I have to admit at one time I’ve said the same:

“Seriously, it is so slow right now.”

“Are you getting any auditions, I haven’t been out this whole month!”

“I’m going to email my agent and make sure he/she is submitting me.”

“Maybe, this acting thing just isn’t meant for me.”

Too familiar?

Luckily, over time I’ve come to realize, while I love acting –getting booked doesn’t make me who I am nor does it showcase the best of me.

To act, it makes your heart sing and fills up your soul to play the role of another person.

I ask…

Just who is that person who has the gifts and talents to do such a thing and where does all that creativity come from?

It comes from within YOU.

So, that’s where the true point of focus is to be, with the spotlight on you.  I’m not talking about you making it as a movie star, but simply being the special, beautiful person that’s you – your inner you.

Dare to become besties with yourself when times are slow.  You, your health, your craft and career will be rewarded just so.  As I share this right now, I’ve decided in these typical slower months – to commit even more to my healing journey so I can show up in life more freely and truly as me.  And to polish my craft, I’ve started a new acting class.

I find myself in flow the most when I take advantage of the slow times.

And can I just say, it feels so freakin’ good NOT to be freaking out because I have nada audition notices in my inbox or a set to show up to, whoo!  hoo!

Yep, I get to be me and free.

It’s time you found your happiness outside of being an actor and all the “doing” of making it.  So when your time hits, because it, will – you can enjoy the major in-demand ride that comes along with it and take it in stride, living it out on your own accord.

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” – Maya Angelou


Now, let’s get you in the flow…

Pull out your journal to help you connect and reflect.

  1. Stop, sit still, and listen to your inner voice.

Ask yourself these 3 questions:

Who am I?

What am I to create?

What am I here to do?

The answer may not come right away.  Don’t get frustrated.  It always shows up right on time. ; )

  1. Reflect on what truly makes you happy.

Journal about it – your experiences and how they make you feel.

And–nnh, nnh, nnh…..nothing about acting.  Take this opportunity to honor the rest of your life.

Then, begin to focus more of your energy on these things that also bring you joy.

  1.  Like who you are.  

Get real with yourself – list 3 characteristics that you would like to improve upon.

Google for books, blogs, and podcasts on those areas and begin to work on yourself.

Then repeat to yourself as many times as you need…

“I am enough.”  “I am worthy.”  I am of value.”  “I matter.”

  1.  Stay committed to living your truth.

Do what makes you happy.

Start saying NO to what doesn’t feel right, interest you, nor serves you – including people too.

Stop saying YES to what you really don’t want nor have the time to do.

  1. Make a change.  Make a difference.

Make a list of 3 ways you could give back.

It could be to a charity, to your family and friends, in your local area, or to yourself finding a more purposeful and fulfilling job.

Remember, it may be slow in your career, but oh my dear – you get to move forward in so many other authentic ways that you will begin to attract the long awaited representation, the auditions, and bookings – even when times are slow. : )  I know this to be true for you because I share this from experiencing my own booking flow.

Bookings will begin to flow your way much more easily and in the perfect timing.

Trust in the process and enjoy being more at peace and happy.

Share in the comments below any new epiphanies you had of what also makes you happy outside your acting career.


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