A 5-Step Approach to Choose Your Way of Nutrition

First, do you realize the word “diet” is not in the title of this blog?

For it is merely a four-letter word that promises you the world – delivering a quick fix.  Yet it’s simply not set – up to help you realistically win at having long-lasting results and the know-how to keep them.

I’m more so talking about feeling confident and good while adapting to a healthier lifestyle when choosing your way of nutrition.

From A-list celebrities, your friends and family, co-workers, and fellow actors – you have likely read or heard – one, all or more…

“Yeah, I’m vegan, I’m allergic to dairy.”

“I’m a vegetarian, I don’t eat meat.”

“I started this gluten-free diet, ugh – it’s so hard to stick to.”

“I’m seeing quick results with the Paleo diet!”

It’s amazing to me how our choices in nutrition, especially living in LA, have become a part of our identity and such the topic that often it can feel like we are claiming who we are and what we believe in from the food we eat!

Almost like we are stating if we are Republican or Democratic before the waitress comes to the table to take our order and feeling like we have to justify why we side with this candidate or that candidate.

Really?  Is it just me or do you feel the same?

So how do you choose a way of nutrition without going bonkers?

You find yourself trying every trendy diet that comes out hoping for better and faster results that’ll stick, feeling like you have to explain yourself because you feel like the odd wo(man) out, or getting resentful at the fact that you have to follow a strict nutrition plan in the first place?

Personally, I love food and like to eat so I don’t hate nor discriminate.

It’s always been intriguing to me to learn about eating healthy and the different nutritional options available to us – how to cook and bake with healthy alternative ingredients, I love trying new healthy recipes at home, dishes when I go out to eat, and coming across healthier sweet treat spots around LA.

Happily, I have eaten lots of yummy dishes across the board – vegan, clean, vegetarian, gluten-free, Paleo, and even raw.

On a personal health-wise tip though, after experiencing uncomfortable and not-to-be-overlooked symptoms early this year, I learned I am highly sensitive to Gluten so I do eat gluten-free to stay healthy, safe, and happy.  : )

My Bottom line…

Other than knowing what I cannot eat health wise, I love having options and the power to choose.  I also don’t treat eating like speed dating and hop from trendy diet to trendy diet to see which one will stick and is the best match for me.

I simply enjoy trying new and different food and choosing what I want to eat, mixing it up with whatever speaks to me.

Now, let’s talk about you…

Are you tired of being in limbo, sick of feeling like a diet-restricted victim, and unsure which nutritional path is best for you?

Here’s is a simple approach to help you choose your way of nutrition that’ll keep you happy, sane, and in flow on your healthy living nutritional game.

Health First…

Listen to your body and let it be your guide – how it feels and responds to the food you eat.  After eating…

Do you feel lethargic OR energetic?

Do you have clear skin for your auditions and shoot days more times than not?

Do you have a painful bloated stomach more than you want to admit?

Do you sleep well on a regular OR are cranky from too many restless nights?

Do you get an upset stomach or indigestion after you eat OR feel light and peacefully satisfied?

The body and how you feel never lies.  Treat it well and you will reap the benefits.

You Do You

Choosing your way of nutrition is a way of eating that’s healthier, yet speaks to you – keeping it fun, satisfying, and free to be you.

We are all unique individuals so confidently stand by your ideals, allergy needs, and taste buds.  Then let it roll off your shoulders what others may say to test your choice of nutrition.

If you have to follow a strict way of eating like me, gluten-free – keep it fun.  Explore those – thank you, I love you – gluten-free finds in the grocery store to make awesome recipes at home.

A great app to find gluten-free friendly restaurants near you that I LOVE to use is Find Me Gluten Free.  It’s made going out to eat much more enjoyable at the restaurant of your choice, I have eaten at so many yummy hidden treasures even when traveling that are turning me into a newbie foodie, and there is always something to eat on the menu for your family and friends too.

Moderation and Portions are Key

Find a new vegan, gluten-free, raw dish or sweet treat that’s got you hooked and notice you are adding on some inches?  Been there!  It’s all good.

Do away with the guilt.  As the saying goes – no rules, just right.

Simply live by “everything in moderation” and enjoy what you choose to eat in smaller and healthier portions.

When I’m prepping for a shoot or need to get myself back in check and in flow with my portions?  My go-to system is Portion Fix .  That yellow container is my lifesaver when it comes to carbs!

Allow an Adjustment Period

Leave room for trial and error.

When hearing of the latest trendy diet, come from a place of awareness first to learn it’s health benefits to avoid launching into the next big craze and while adapting to a necessary restricted way of eating – falling victim to over doing it.  To later getting frustrated, shooting it down, and dropping it like a bad habit.

If you over do it or quit…

Take a chill pill.  Tomorrow’s a new day. ; )

Stay Open

Can you deny, you are at your freest when you go on vacation?  Without thinking about it, you go about seeing the exciting sites and have fun looking at all the choices you have to eat.

If it’s a new country, you are a little more willing to try the cultural food that’s available to you and more times than not, you find you actually like the food you eat.

Take your resistance out of the equation.

When learning to go about a healthier way of nutrition.  From research, mentors, and family and friends, allow yourself to learn the healthy benefits of going vegan, vegetarian, eating clean, eating raw, gluten-free, going the Ketogenic or Paleo way – and from whatever will be the next latest and greatest healthy trend.

Then make the best decision for you and have fun trying some highly suggested recipes, yum.

The more you stay open…the more informed, healthy, and pleasantly surprised you’ll be by all the yummy new dishes you get to enjoy.

To Sum it all up…

Take the pressure off of yourself to justify, get it right, if you’re not seeing the results you want to see right away, and feeling over it – determining the best way of nutrition for you.

Remember, these trendy diets ALL have healthy benefits and unless you are giving it a two week period to see how your body responds to it – you don’t have to follow them 100% and 100% all of the time.

Live a little, and have fun mixing up your nutritional ways!

Share in the comments below your way of nutrition that’s working for you.

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