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What is Flow Coaching?

As a working actress in LA and in smaller markets prior to that, I understand the journey of an actor is an unconventional one.  At times it can be downright challenging to pursue our careers and have a life we enjoy while doing it.  However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

As an Audition and Flow Coach, it is my joy to help actors have more of a sense of ease in the pursuit of their career and life — by teaching them how to live it more fully.

Have you ever struggled in your…

If you answered “Yes!” to any of the above, a Flow Coaching may be just what you need to work out the kinks of what’s not working.

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Flow Coaching

Career Advice ~ Mindset ~ Fitness & Nutrition ~ Marketing Materials ~ Health & Wellness ~ Career-Life Balance

Let’s get you in a state of peace, joy and gratitude for all your wins. ; )

My background

I’ve worn multiple hats on my path.  Prior to acting, I was an Assistant Agent in the Atlanta market.  While I answered the phones and was the gate keeper when talent would come to visit the agency, I too did all the things most actors think only the upper agents do at any given agency – selecting and submitting talent for auditions, choosing which actors from submissions to bring in for an interview to add to the roster, working one-on-one with actors to select the headshots we wanted printed, and sharing when they needed new ones.  This later opened the door for me to become the Director of New Faces at the agency.

Following that job I moved on to assisting a commercial casting director, and later found myself at a production company, where I created the fun job of casting director, reaching out to talent agencies to audition talent for all the producer’s projects.  Oh, what great reality I learned about the other side and how I have an appreciation for casting directors and the late nights they can keep.

Starting my own thing

In addition to that, I started my own consulting company to help actors and models with their marketing materials to help them find representation, as well as giving overall career advice.  While I enjoyed what I did, after several actors and an agent suggested I get in front of the camera, I caught the acting bug and began acting myself.  

From behind-the-camera to in the front

I began to become a regular working actress in Atlanta (with five commercials running simultaneously at one time), and because I knew I wanted to get into Film and TV, I felt I needed to head west.  I took a pit stop in the Chicago market where I got my SAG card and was ready to take the leap to LA.  Things had been going so smoothly for me in these smaller markets, I figured agencies and opportunities would be waiting for me with open arms. Yeah…not so much.  

The LA Market

Before landing the right agent, I booked a job here and there for commercial background work, print work and runway gigs.  I kept myself in acting classes and worked various side jobs to keep up with the bills.   And for years it remained that way for me.  Like most, I followed the advice of every acting teacher and coach I worked with.  The resounding message was that I had to do whatever it took to make it.  And I did.  

That approach had me up to my eyeballs suffering in my finances, and the stress of the lifestyle was beginning to affect my health.  I began dealing with chronic pain, sinus infections, and gut issues that no doctor was able to fully help me resolve.  The downward spiral continued as I didn’t have the mental or physical space to be able to bring my all to my auditions – where most of my confidence lived.

Where my perspective shifted

I realized I kept falsely attaching acting and getting booked as my source of happiness and self worth.  In doing so, I was wearing myself down in the process, pursuing acting no matter what.

I was not giving any attention to what really mattered to truly support myself as an actor and to sustain a career – my health. 

I found myself needing to focus on my well-being and began a journey of turning my health around through fitness and nutrition, and I fell in love with that lifestyle so much I began to help others achieve the results they were looking for too.

Through time, I too became more mentally, spiritually, and financially fit which allowed me to be confident, happy and present in the audition rooms.  And as I changed my priorities to put my well-being and happiness first and my acting career second (instead of the other way around), another shift happened – I began to book.  

Going deeper 

Several years passed, and I began to see I needed to heal in a much deeper way and taking the time to do so was a game changer for my mind and health on all levels.  On that path, I became a teacher of the Subtle Body.  

While this shift helped me achieve more success in my acting career, it also gave me a greater sense of balance between my personal life and my career.  I realized I needed time for myself for fun, relaxation, purposeful self-care, and creating a healthy mindset.  That has been the key to allowing the state that has brought me to where I am, a state that I am continually discovering.  I had found what I call Flow.       

How I can help

Now, in addition to pursuing my own acting career, I focus on helping actors live a healthy lifestyle to be ready for the demands of pursuing a career day in and day out through acting career and life coaching.  My own journey taught me that a good fitness and nutrition plan were only part of the solution.

The whole picture

So I too help actors have cohesive structure between their life and career, including having the ability to sustain great energy levels while handling all the demands of balancing the two (juggling a number of side jobs, auditioning, having healthy relationships, and time for fun and relaxation), keeping overall health and wellness as their first priority.

I know it can be a lot to figure out.  Oh, the amount of research I have had to do to find options, solutions and then put them into action to help myself heal, find my worth and peace to find my flow in life and in my career.  What you’re struggling with I’ve been through, and working together I can help guide you to the lifestyle and professional changes that will help you find your flow too.  

What’s included with Flow Coaching?

What areas are blocking you from living a fulfilled life and getting booked?  During our sessions, we’ll chat about what’s working and not working for you right now, and we’ll put together a customized action plan with the advice, tips, tools, resources, and insights you’ll need to start seeing positive changes in your life and career.  In between sessions, you’ll get ongoing email support. Topics we’ll discuss may include:

  • Career Advice
  • Headshots
  • Reels
  • Casting
  • Representation
  • Career–Life Balance
  • Sabotaging Narratives
  • Limited Beliefs
  • Finances
  • Self – Care
  • Fitness and Nutrition

The goal is for you to step away from our time together feeling happier, empowered, and more confident that you can achieve the full life and career you truly want.

Disclaimer:  I am here to educate, inspire and support you on your journey to finding your flow.  I share from my own experiences and how I have helped other clients.  I am not a psychologist or a medical Dr. and do not offer any professional health or medical advice.  If you are suffering from a psychological or medical condition, please seek help from a qualified health professional.  

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