Walk away feeling good & confident.

Outside of the pursuit of my own acting career in LA, I find great joy in providing private audition coaching and collaborative script analysis to experienced and self-driven actors who are about the work, and are interested in getting down to the truth of telling each and every story.

As a working actress in LA’s competitive market, I understand the level of interest and commitment in one’s craft and preparation that you have to have to feel good and confident about your auditions.  And as a previous casting assistant and casting director, you can learn more about that part of my story over here, I have the fortune of understanding what they are looking for and needing on the other side to help actors continue to book the room and roles.

What you can expect from an Audition Coaching

It has been an honor and such joy to be a part of actors’ journeys, helping to create wins in a variety of ways, from:

  • Booking the room
  • Getting a callback and prepping for a zoom meeting
  • A callback in which the casting director wants actors to read for different and bigger roles because they liked what they saw in the original audition
  • Getting pinned
  • Getting an Avail
  • Getting booked on Lifetime for a movie of the week
  • Prepping sides for set to be the lead role in a film
  • Prepping sides for set of a popular Netflix Show and one I’m a fan of!
  • Prepping sides for an actor’s first Series Regular role for the table read and first week on set

My goal is to be your eagle eye, providing you with clear notes, spot-on direction and honest feedback.  Together we will create an elevated and nuanced character and scene that is authentic to you.

Pretty Girl Testimonial

“I came to Talia after I booked my first lead in a pilot. I was feeling the pressure and very uncertain about the choices I wanted to make. Over the course of a few private sessions, Talia worked through my scenes with me line by line and introduced me to new methods of emotional preparation I never would have thought to try to tap into my character.

By the time I got to set, I felt totally confident in my choices and who my character was, and everything else fell into place. The director told me I did exactly what he was looking for with the character through my performance, and I felt a million times more confident on set thanks to Talia. If you are looking for someone to give you honest critiques and practical methods to improve your performance– all with encouraging words and kindness – you won’t find anyone better than Talia.”

-Meagan L.

Virtual Coaching

Auditions ~ Self-Tapes ~ CD Workshops ~ Character & Scene Breakdown ~ Prep Set Scenes ~ Practice

Meagan L.

Lead, Two Films

Harper H.

Co-Star, Amazon Prime

Steve O.

Supporting, Lifetime Movie

Actors are speaking about their audition coaching…

“Talia was fantastic. I had an issue that has been bugging me regarding my “truth” in auditions, and she helped to clear the cobwebs and get me out of my own directorial head. I’ll definitely use Talia again and highly recommend her as a reader and coach. Excellent.”

-Langley M.

“All I can say is “WOW”! Her credentials speak for themselves! You truly get an actress and casting director level feedback! And she genuinely cares about you nailing the audition/ part! Talia is a great scene partner! Highly recommended! And lots of fun! :)!”

-Krista O.

Wonderfully insightful and kind!  A born acting coach/teacher!  Book her!

-Stephen C.

“Talia is fantastic!  She loves working with actors and is completely understanding of the process and how to help facilitate a healthy environment to do your best work. She’s also got a great eye, great instincts, and wonderful insights on what it takes to book. Great coach and great reader.  Book her!”

-Justin W.

“Talia is not only a GREAT reader, but her coaching skills are dynamite!  Plus a lovely person!!  I’ll be using her again!!!

-Joy R.

“I can’t say THANK YOU enough!  Talia brought out of me something I didn’t even know I had.  So kind, patient and GREAT notes.  Highly recommend!”

-Yainis Y.

“She is amazing!  Nothing short of it.  Gave great feedback.  Awesome pointers.  And a natural flow that helped bring the script to life.”

-Aaron H.

“Excellent feedback, excellent listening skills. Really cares that you put your best foot forward, and knows just what to say to bring that out of you.  Wow!”

-Tim H.

“AMAZING COACH! So patient and knows how to really help actors work their best.  Also her perspective is spot on.  Not often that coaches are both good AND easy to work with.  She’s got both! “


“Talia has incredible instincts and is skilled at conveying what will help level up the performance.  A joy to work with and a grounding spirit.”

-A’da W.

“Talia is amazing!  She understands very well what casting is looking for and gives great notes.  Such a pleasure working with you!!”

-Lasse E.

“FANTABULOUS READER!!!!  WOW!!!! She made my very long audition sooooo much fun and had GREAT tips!!! Can’t wait to work with her again!!!”

-Tanika G.

“Talia is amazing!  She’s not just a great reader but an excellent coach.  She knows how to breakdown a scene and a character SO well.  Her coaching improved my performance and confidence on the spot!”

-Meagan L.

“Talia gives specific notes and brought out the best in me.  I’m so impressed with how different my tape was after having worked with her.  Six stars.”

-Deborah C.

“A truly wonderful coach in addition to being a great reader.  Talia exceeded my expectations and I’ll definitely work with her again!!”

-Denis L.

“Talia was amazing!  This came with complex issues, and she was not only incredibly insightful and helped navigate through some tough material, she guided me towards the FUN in doing it.  Such a light and joy.”