How to Deal with a Side Job You Hate

Let’s talk side jobs.

The one that’s a necessity to have while pursuing your acting career.

Are you in need of one, another one, or want to be done with the one you got?

Hopefully, you feel lucky to have the one you got because you actually like what you do, it’s flexible, and the boss is oh so supportive of you and your career.

I’ve experienced all of the above.

Since moving to LA, throughout my acting career – I’ve counted having at least 23 side jobs if not more.  And most of the time, I was juggling 3 at a time just […]

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Don’t Throw in the Towel

Do you plan to stay in the game?

Sometimes a major player in the game gets hurt and has to stand on the sidelines, but one thing he knows for sure, he’ll be back in the game.

At Coach Summit, one of my fave things to do is the Super Saturday workout at the crack of dawn, led by all the celebrity trainers like – Chalene Johnson, Shaun T., Autumn Calabrese, and Tony Horton to name a few. Usually every year I share sweaty pics from the infamous workout that’s among thousands of other coaches.  This year it was 25,000 of us!

Broadway […]

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