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I have to say I am shocked!!  I got on the scale this morning and I lost 12 pounds.  It made me feel better and gave me a lot more energy.  I want to stay focused on eating like this so that I can continue to drop off the weight and be healthier!!

Ashley Marie HintonNorth Carolina

Thank you for reminding me my health comes first.  You’ll be happy to know since my challenge with you I have been working out 5 days a week hardcore and then more active on weekends with bike riding, sometimes a jog, etc. You inspire me!

Melissa CasseraLos Angeles

Weighed this morning and I’ve lost a total of 10 pounds in 7 days!!  I feel so good!!!  It wasn’t too challenging and loved doing it with my daughter and husband (he also lost 10 pounds)!!  Thank you for this challenge.  We are going to continue with our eating habits and stay on a healthy track!!

Jennifer Davis HintonNorth Carolina

Talia’s passion and conviction for living a no-compromise lifestyle was the biggest reason I decided to become a coach. She always knows how to inspire me to want more for myself. With the help of Talia, I have built my own online following, a business with a great team of coaches, and I have found my second passion helping people create the healthy, happy life they want from the inside out. She is the bomb!

Tim H.Los Angeles

I wanted to add a comment about Shakeology. About 15 months ago, I was diagnosed with Diabetes. Encouraged to try Shakeology, it took nearly a year to talk me into it. For nearly 5 months now I have had my shake every day. My sugar levels are in the right range and I feel great.

J LynnUtah

Thanks so much guys. I’m really encouraged by seeing results this fast. It reminds of how much I was settling when I went to the gym. If I can get these results in 10 minutes, I can’t wait to see what ChaLean Extreme is going to do.

Katherine AlyseLos Angeles

Many of us have insecurities and self-doubt when we are preparing for an audition or even class. Both of these or any thought that isn’t positive is a sure method to sabotage yourself. I keep a little notebook with all of my ‘wins’, positive or constructive comments, that have been gifted to me. My very favorite words of confidence are from my friend and mentor Talia! Each time I have an audition I read my coaching notes from her. This is my own ‘pump up session’ that I do for myself! I know she’s not blowing smoke because it’s working for me. I know Talia believes in me as I should believe in myself.

My work with Talia has helped me take my confidence in auditioning and work to a new level! I am grateful! Thank you Talia!

Kimberly MurrayAtlanta

Shakeology is just too good, to be so healthy.  Thank you for all your help and saving me money, lol!  You are awesome.

Jeff MarleyNew Mexico

Talia is hands down amazing and a true inspiration in my life. Through her knowledge and success in health and fitness, as well as acting, she has not only helped my abilities as an actress but motivated me to be the best I can be. 🙂 She has helped me gain confidence with my work and knows exactly the right direction to guide you in to reach your creation goals. Most of all, she is an absolute optimist and encourager. Words can say few about this one in a million woman, and I am beyond grateful to be surrounded by her amazing energy and light.

Brittney SitoLos Angeles

Through her knowledge and success in health and fitness, and acting, she not only helped me gain confidence with my abilities as an actress, but motivates me to be the best I can be 🙂

Her infectious enthusiasm creates such a supportive environment and instills eagerness in me to learn and grow. She gives simple easy steps to your creation goals. I’m excited to have signed with an agent!

Brittney SitoLos Angeles
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