Committing to a Fit Jam

I like being and feeling strong in my everyday life and also for my acting career.  So I was totally stoked when…

I finally found a program my Doc said yes too!

Dunh, dunh, dunh, dunh, dunh….I’m so excited, I got Jay-Z’s, Dirt Off Your Shoulder playing in my head and even trying to spell out the instrumental beginning cuz that’s how much I’m feeling it.

For the past almost 3 months, I’m been going to Yoga class and stretching at home, but I wanted to do more. However, my chiro has said NO to my choice in workouts.  Every week and as another month would pass by, I would say, “Can I workout now, can I at least add pilates to the mix?”  He would just smile and shake his head no.

Recently though, in the lobby at the check out desk – bugging him again – I said, “What about if I did Tai Chi, can I do that?  He said, “Yes that would be fine.”  And I yelled out, “Word!”  He laughed as he wasn’t expecting that much excitement.

This girl likes and needs structure in her day and I’ve found that helps me keep up with working out too.  So, me so happy now.  Yup yup, I’m in it to win it for the next several months.  I recently started a 90-day program called, Tai Cheng.

I’m starting to feel and see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I’m getting my strength back in my upper body and core slowly but surely.

How I’m staying committed to this 90 Day program:

One, with my accountability group of awesome challengers.   And two, I like to get geeky with it when I start a program.  I fill out my measurements and weight and all the additional fitness guide sheets included to measure my progress along my journey.

The fitness guide sheets to help me measure where I’m at and my progress:

Self-Assessment Sheet: I get a snapshot to gage my overall levels of energy, comfort, and well-being.  As I was filling it out, I see I would like to check less “sometimes” an have more “never” boxes checked.   Hence one question was, “I take pain relievers for aches and pains and I had to check “sometimes”.  That’s a pretty big deal for me as I don’t like to use medicine as my go-to to “fix” me and only recently have I felt like I’ve needed to help alleviate pain so I could get a good night’s rest.

Function Test: This I get to score myself with the goal of 20 being the most functional.  Um, my total test score on day one was a 5.  Yep, this girl can benefit from this program.

Tai Cheng Calendar: I love checking off the boxes, feeling that achievement of sticking to my commitment to myself to get stronger and feeling good.  I aim to be filled up with vitality for my day, to audition, and when I’m on set.


I even chose dedication over decoration, lol with creating the calibration the grid on our floor!  I was over moving the coffee table every morning.  Yes, it’s a requirement for the program to get you at a higher functioning level.

That lovely blue painter’s tape, also included(though my second time doing Tai Cheng so had to buy more) is needed to help you learn the moves with greater accuracy and ease.  So you know how to place your feet, to get feedback to help with improvement, to fine tune your body, and for better performance.  So yeah, I was down to put that tape down. 😉

Tai Cheng Home Set Up
Tai Cheng Calibration Grid

My progress so far…
It’s week 3, day 2 and so far I was immediately able to feel just how much I need to strengthen my core – weak, weak, weak!, my upper body, and improve my balance especially just standing on my left leg.

Excited though, I’m starting to learn how to breathe from my diaphragm as we definitely need that as performers, I’m paying closer attention to my posture which helps me to stay stronger throughout the day and ‘ehem – will make for better red carpet photos down the line ;), and I can hold plank position longer than I have been able to in quite a bit of time – YES, that makes me really happy – I’m so about feeling and being stronger to take on life and an acting career.

I’ll continue you to give you progress reports throughout these 90 days.  Wish me luck to find my inner calm as I learn these slow, meditative, yet effective moves.

What’s your fit jam right now that’s helping you to be healthy, strong, and energetic in life and for you career?  Let me know in the comments below!

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