Feel like your life and acting career
just aren't coming together?
Get a working actress' guidance and direction.

Book a 30 min. Complimentary Flow Session.

You’re an Actor.

You have the talent and desire.

You have goals and dreams so you do all the things you’re supposed to do as an actor in order to succeed.

You send out postcards, attend workshops, take acting classes, constantly say positive affirmations out loud - BUT you can't find good representation, struggle to get an audition, hardly book, and are tired of being broke in the midst of it all.

Instead of the thrill of excitement that you were hoping to experience starting your career...you feel agents, casting directors, and directors give you hardly any deserving attention, you find it hard to get noticed, and doubt your own possibilities.

Nothing is “working”.  Seriously?! This is so frustrating and feels impossible!

Know Your Next Step.

Could you be blocking your bookings by not truly living?

As a working actress in LA – “I get you, what you are going through, where you would like to go, and really understand how to help you.”

If you have several areas in your life and career that you feel are not in flow, and you’re having trouble figuring out what to focus on first – start with booking a Complimentary 30 min. Flow Session.

During your complimentary 30 min. Flow Session…

  1. I will get a chance to learn more about you and your career goals.
  2. We will begin to discover the areas that are holding you back in order for you to break free to find your flow to enjoy life and your acting career.
  3. I will share how working together could look like, and how you may benefit from ongoing Flow Sessions.
  4. We will discuss any questions you may have and decide if ongoing Flow Sessions are a fit for you.

How Flow Sessions Work:

To begin…
You will need to request a complimentary Flow Session by clicking on the button below. You will then be directed to fill out a quick get-to- know-you intake form so I can learn more about you and your career goals.

Once you complete the form and hit submit, check your email for next steps to schedule a time for your 30 min. complimentary Flow Session.  You also will be provided with a pricing sheet for ongoing Flow Sessions.

During our discovery call, we will talk about any questions you may have, I will share how working together could look like, and how you may benefit from ongoing Flow Sessions.

And finally…
If we feel we are a fit and you would like to work together to create a flow in your life and career, you can choose from one of the monthly packages and schedule your first one-on-one Flow Session.

Why Ongoing Flow Sessions...

As a client committing to a monthly package, we have the opportunity to really begin to create a flow and a sense of ease in your day-to-day life and make a shift in your mindset and career to book more.

As with anything, to build upon something or create a change you really want to have happen, it requires consistent focus over time.

Each Flow session is an hour in length per phone call or video conferencing. I’ve found most clients prefer bi-monthly or monthly calls. That will always be a choice of yours.

From my own personal experiences, extensive research, and working with industry mentors, during each session, I will provide you with an action-based custom flow plan created just for you.

In between sessions, I am available for support and suggestions via email to help you stay in a flow. It’s all about pursuing your career, booking more, and living life with ease.

Actors I Love to Help…

  • Actors who love acting for acting, not to just have the fame and fortune.
  • Actors who are engaged in creating a fulfilling life outside of acting living a healthy, abundant, and go-with-the-flow lifestyle.
  • Actors who are serious about investing in coaching to elevate themselves individually and their career to book, live and enjoy life more.
  • Actors who are serious about the pursuit of their career, their craft, and what they have to offer as an individual, and refuse to allow the industry to suck out the joy of why they wanted to act in the first place.
  • Actors who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and do the outer and inner work it takes to create the change they truly want to see happen in their career and everyday lifestyle.

The Honor of Serving You…

It is a gift that I have found my own unique flow and balance in my life while pursuing an acting career, and now book BIG while helping other actors do the same.

It will be my joy to help YOU get in the flow, get booked, and celebrate what you made come true.

If you are interested in working with me, just click on the button below to to fill out a quick intake form and request a Complimentary 30- min. Flow Session.

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I look forward to working with you and seeing you shine.

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