How to Deal with a Side Job You Hate

Let’s talk side jobs.

The one that’s a necessity to have while pursuing your acting career.

Are you in need of one, another one, or want to be done with the one you got?

Hopefully, you feel lucky to have the one you got because you actually like what you do, it’s flexible, and the boss is oh so supportive of you and your career.

I’ve experienced all of the above.

Since moving to LA, throughout my acting career – I’ve counted having at least 23 side jobs if not more.  And most of the time, I was juggling 3 at a time just to make ends meet!  It can get that real while you’re shooting for your dreams my stars.

It’s also too common for actors not to like their side jobs.  I’ll spare you my complaining details, but many of my side jobs – I did not enjoy and one or two, yes I did hate – the job itself and how I was treated.

As actors, of course – we just want to have good representation, be free to audition all the time, book as many jobs as possible and make a living.

First, keep going as that story does come true.

However, I’m just going to keep it real for you – that takes TIME.

So what do you do to keep yourself from pulling your hair out at work or dare we say contemplate quitting acting because you just can’t take it anymore?

In this video, I’m going to share some top tips that got me through those actor side jobs that I didn’t really enjoy and some just absolutely hated.   I even ended up having a good time during my shift. To read more of my blogs, visit here

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