Do What You Gotta Do

My Stars,

It’s time to stop, reflect, so we can redirect.

First, what is your BIG dream?  You know that vision you have had in your mind for you and your acting career?

If I were to ask you from where you are in life right now with how you’re feeling: physically, emotionally, and spiritually and asked how your career is going…on a scale from 1 – 10(10 being amazingly great) how would you rate each area and the satisfaction of how your acting journey has been going?

Another question…how close do you feel you are to actually living out your vision, easily and effortlessly?

Last question…that vision that you see – how do you look, how do you feel, what are you doing, where are you at in your life and career?

I ask because I am on my own path to becoming a stronger version of me – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and professionally as a person, actor and biz owner.  And here have been my latest thoughts as I have been embarking on a 21 day challenge with other go-getter challengers in the group with me.

The proof keeps showing up that in order for me to fully meet and experience the visions I have for my life and acting career, while enjoying how I look and feel too…

With out a doubt, I and us as actors…gotta level up and DO what we gotta do in order to achieve that level of greatness.

No more watching actors we look up to and thinking, “God she/he is so talented, if I could only get to that level so I could play roles like that.”

If you’ve read a copy of my Flow Guidebook or have had a Flow Session with me, you know that I’ve realized to make it and make it BIG…it came down to so much more than just honing your craft, marketing, and learning how to stand out and connect on social media.  Or making those scary phone calls, and attempting to say affirmations on a regular.

As actors we know, there is an unknown waiting time as to when we will begin to make strides in our career or get our BIG break.  BUT as I have discovered it CAN be done with or without the struggle.  You know that thing I call, living in the flow.  Yep, the struggle is something we as actors can create ourselves or can improve upon in our everyday lives.

Here’s what stays as the TRUTH for me if I truly want to get to the vision I see without the struggle.  It’s finding and then living in my flow.

That’s where we have and hold our power.

Before I share this…

I understand the journey and the challenges it can bring for us actors – so make no mistake as I am feeling excited, grateful and I’m not taking these opportunities for granted.  BUT when you have your eyes set on the big picture for not only the outcome of your career, but for yourself to feel fulfilled in your everyday life too?

It doesn’t matter that as I type this – I have an avail sitting in my inbox for a pretty exciting project, a commercial running that’s getting much buzz, or that I appeared on a Hulu show in one week last week.

IF…in the long run, I run out of gas and self-sabotage my efforts for upcoming opportunities and challenge my mood and mindset in a negative sense.

Along the way – my vision, dream, goals, and desires, that I have – I make it way too easy for them to remain JUST that.

As always…

I’ve got my eyes on my goals for my acting career, side job, and health goals (getting stronger) while making efforts to show up to do the work to achieve them. BUT as I teach on the importance of finding your flow to attract bookings and you stepping into your greatness with more ease – I too have to continue to do the same for myself.

And there’s an area in my life that I’ve been out of flow – as the picture you see was me, not re-ally feelin’ it to workout – trying to motivate myself to even start haha.  For me – where I’m at, it all comes down to gettin’ proper REST.  So it was time I put my attention and focus on making my rest my first priority.

The reality…

Sometimes you are able to sprint though crushing your goals. Sometimes you have to slow your roll.  Either pace is great as long as you are willing to keep showing up for them.

Trying to get ahead while you are struggling to bring your best – cuz you’re not feeling your best?

Simply put…the two don’t go hand in hand.

As you enjoy these last months of summer, remember your vision, your goals and your dreams.

So you can start episodic season off with a bang and end this year in a way that will have you feeling proud and happy.  NOT just because you booked your first tv role, commercial, or film – as I’m here to tell you, they never add up to be enough.  As wins are fleeting…but ALSO because you are truly happy, have truly begun to LIVE your life and taking care of you.

I really mean it this time – last question… ; )

Do you too put your rest, health, and just overall well-being on the back burner in some ways and need to – stop, reflect, and redirect your attention to giving love and support to what matters most on your acting journey…the wonderfulness of you?

For YOU are what matters first to make the DREAM work.

If you are feeling that nudge that it’s time to get real with yourself to do what it really takes to be happy in this lifetime and to start seeing fun positive change in your career – I would love to have you join me in my upcoming 30-Day Fit & Flow Challenge group.  To learn more about it and apply for a spot, CLICK HERE.

Let’s ALL come up!

Flow, Shine & Book,


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