End and Begin Your Year on a High Note

The end of the year.

Are you excited that it’s here and have the warm and fuzzies for the holidays?

Or do you feel anxious, worried, and bummed out because you’re not even close to how you pictured this year to be?

Perhaps, you may be a little bit of both.  This is the time of year that nudges you to take inventory of your career and personal life.       

Me?  I’m gearing up for warm and fuzzies as my husband and I begin to decorate our home with holiday cheer with talks of goodies and gifts.  However, this doesn’t go without sharing that a couple of my goals too haven’t been checked off of this year’s wish list.  

Like booking my first Guest Star role on Primetime TV.  

So how do I have the warm and fuzzies, go without fear, and without the blues at the end of the year?   Luckily, it’s not over just yet, there is still time for you to be dazzled.  Realizing also, it’s the perfect time for you to reflect on your year, honor it – the good, the bad, and the not so much, and begin to create more of a flow for next year.  

Are you a New Year’s Resolutions kinda person?  If that works for you, stick to it!  This will be a great time to get a jumpstart on your goal list – just remember to have fun while doing it. 😉

I’ll admit, that process…meh, never worked for me or shall I say, I was never really excited about making another to-do list nor did I ever truly commit to what it would take to cross off any of my lofty goals.    

Year to year, I found myself just responding mostly to what life offered me vs. living out my new year with intention. Ah, now this is where dreams, goals, and fun events begin to happen giving you a sense of pride, satisfied at the end of the year, and eager to see what can happen for you next!

Does that sound more like what you want to experience next year vs. just checking in (or not) with a New Year’s Resolution list to see how many of your goals have been realized (or not)?

To help you end this year and begin the new year on a high note…

Let me share with you an end of the year process that I have been doing the past couple of years.  It has helped me take time to get an up close and personal look at how my year really went.  This is where I get a chance to get real with myself, have moments of gratitude, be in awe and proud of what I’ve accomplished, and it leaves me excited and looking forward to what’s to come – ooooh goosebumps!  

And ultimately, it sets you up to start the New Year off in a flow – open and ready for any and all possibilities.   

 “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.” – George Elliot

The Process for a High Note Year…

Pick a day, time, and space where you want to take some special “me-time”.  I chose to do this process when I was inspired to – the optimal time.  It was in the morning before my workout.  I turned on the fireplace, sat on an acupressure mat, and enjoyed a cup of turmeric and ginger tea.

You can light a candle, play some music, or have a stretching session before you begin.  Whatever gets you in a positive place to be free, open, and honest.  

Also, I’m a pen and paper girl if I really want my wishes and plans to materialize.  So I highly suggest journaling to help your mind, thoughts, ideas, and feelings to go a flowing – as you are writing the next page(s) in your story.  

End Your Year on a High Note…

Reflect: I’ve learned that a time of reflection brings much into perspective.  It gives you a chance to acknowledge all you’ve done and accomplished – what went well, what you would have liked to have done differently, what’s working for you and what’s not.  

Write it all out.  Don’t beat yourself up on what you find you could improve upon or do differently.   Search within for the “how-to” next time.  Smile and take in what you did make happen.

Aim: Again, the year’s not over yet…make it your mission to check one or two more things off this year’s wishlist. This is not a time to give up, get lazy, and say, “Well, I’ll just do better next year.”  Ask yourself how you can close out this year with a bang.

Can you send holiday cards of appreciation to your representation and casting directors who brought you in to audition?

Can you prepare your last auditions of the year like you never have before – really getting to know the character, showing up ready to play and feeling great as you walk out of the audition room?

Can you get more organized with tracking your biz activities – taking note of which casting directors are bringing you in and their feedback, etc.?  

Can you commit to submitting for projects as many times as you can before the end of the year?

Can you get a jumpstart and commit to your health and fitness so you can enjoy the holidays without guilt and start the new year off feeling confident?

Can you search for a new side job that you will enjoy and look forward to returning to in the New Year?  Or perhaps, finally quit a job that’s been causing you more discord than you can afford to have in your everyday life?

Celebrate:  Even if it’s the smallest thing that you accomplished this year, this is a must.  I don’t care if you had what you call the worst year yet, I’ve been there too trust me, but I still found several things to celebrate.  

Life works that way – you take the good with the bad.

Did you have a really good audition, get representation, get great headshots, book your first national commercial, let go of a toxic relationship, or get in the best shape of your life?  Find it and…

Cheer, shout, clap, pat yourself on the back, get up and do a happy dance or even better if you haven’t done so yet, set a date before the end of the year to treat yourself for any and all progress and a job well done.

Begin the New Year on a High Note…

Honor Your Priorities: Focus on what matters to you the most, keeping them of the upmost high importance going into the new year.   Knowing your priorities helps you to live life more by your design.  Base your decisions throughout the year on what supports your priorities vs. getting caught up in overwhelm with too much on your plate – saying yes too many times.  Give time and attention to what and who rocks your world, helps you reach your goals, and live with more ease and flow.

One of my priorities remains to be to Live in Good Health.  Through the year, I base my decisions on food choices, the amount of sleep I get, who I surround myself with, and the amount of play I allow in my life to help support a state of vitality.    

Know Your Wants: Gain clarity, get clear on what it is you truly want.  Take a minute to ask yourself, “What do I want to see happen in the new year?”  This got me excited as I began to see what would dazzle me in the new year.

List 3 – 5 new things you you want to have happen that you can get excited about.  As you choose them let yourself really see and feel yourself experiencing each vision and how it will be to have them come true for you.

Write down 1 – 3 things you can do to support each one to put yourself in action and a winning position come the new year.   

Have fun with this.  You’re an actor, let your imagination run wild and free!

Create a Theme: Once you know your priorities and what you want for the new year, now you can create your theme for the year.  When I took time to do this process one year I realized I wanted it to be a year of healing for me.  

I found living with that intention, it thankfully has truly become that for me.  I’ve gone from what felt like living dark and heavy days to now living life again with a lot more light and a feeling of lightness in all areas of my life.  I am happier, stronger, more available to, and engaged in life.    

I ended that year in much gratitude, love, and excitement for the new year.  A couple of ways you can start your theme…

My theme for next year is to_____________________________________________________.

My theme for next year is, I want to_______________________________________________.

My theme for next year is, I am__________________________________________________.

Turn it into your mantra!

For best results…

Keep it simple my superstars, you don’t have to turn this into one more thing you have “to-do” this year.  Enjoy this time to take in and create your life experiences.  Celebrate you.

Trust YOUself as you close up your journal.  Know it’s there for you to come back to to hold yourself accountable and keep yourself on track.

Let go…know that God, the universe, your inner source, or whatever you believe in will take care of and fill in the rest of the details as you take on a new year with great expectation.     

Be Merry and Get Excited!

P.S. If you found this to be helpful and would like to take it one step further to create a flow for the new year and set yourself up for much success, if you haven’t done so already, you can…

Request a Free 30 Min. Flow Session to get one-on-one coaching so you can step into the new year in alignment in your everyday life and acting career.  Which in return, has helped me inevitably attract more bookings year after year.  And together we can create the same for YOU.



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