A Healthy Fit

Actors, are you strugglin’ to get your bodies moving on a daily basis, stick to some form of workout or to afford a personal trainer?  I was too until I knew better.
Here’s an actor budget-friendly solution that’s been working for me.

Simply put, the streaming service – Beachbody on Demand – is my go-to, affordable, and effective fitness solution that helps me commit to living a healthy lifestyle.  And being the foodie that I am, I love trying out their conscious comfort recipes that nourish my soul.  

A phenomenal career & life starts with YOU.

There are no quick fixes – you have to put in the work to rock an audition room with confidence and to live a healthy lifestyle – looking and feeling great from the inside out.  

The good news?  

On an actor-friendly budget, BOD will set you up with a plan to follow for your fitness and nutrition – taking out all the guesswork, leaving little room for excuses unless you decide not to show up.  

And for those mornings with an early call time to basecamp?  It’s my secret to getting in a quick and effective workout to help me stay sharp, well-able, and not get cranky during a long day on set.

 The best dibs…when you sign-up for a BOD membership, you automatically get me as your Coach to provide you with any needed help and support.  


“The beginning of my success and truly building an acting career in LA, started with improving my health.  I committed to a fitness and nutrition plan and then began enjoying helping others do the same.” – Talia Toms

Workout on Your Schedule.

Get access to some of my fave and literally hundreds of workouts including P90X®, T25®, Piyo, and 21-Day Fix.  You get to choose your fitness level and flavor – yoga, dance, cardio, pilates, barre, boxing, or strength training.  And if you also are into meditating and yummy recipes, BOD has that too.  There’s something for everyone.

  • Feel strong vs. weak
  • Feel good vs. discomfort
  • Feel happy vs. cranky
  • Feel energetic vs. sluggish
  • Feel confident vs. insecure
  • Feel healthy vs. worried
  • Feel free vs. chained
  • Feel productive vs. stuck

Memberships at a Glance...

Client’s Love…

Need Support?

With your membership, you get free ongoing email support with any quick questions you may have about the workout programs, working out and nutrition offered.  Just email us at info@theactorsflow.com.

Any questions about BOD to see if it is a good fit for you, just schedule below. 

Interested in getting BOD, eager to get started, yet new to the whole healthy living lifestyle?

After signing up for a membership, schedule a Healthy Actor Consultation to get a customized fitness and nutrition plan, to know what your goals are, and walk away with a can-do mindset.  

Together let’s find your fit flow!

Tai Cheng Fit Jam

Affiliate Disclaimer:
This is a service I use and love.  If you choose to give it a whirl – aka make a purchase by clicking on one of the links – I’ll make enough for some of my streaming services so I can easily watch and support your amazing journeys.  It’s no extra cost to you, and it helps me keep bringing my best to you.