The Actor’s Flexible Side Job…

A community and opportunity for actors who want to love their side job almost as much as they love to act.

 The perfect supporting role to help build your acting career.

As an actor, dreaming is the easy part.  Working the dream is magical.  Supporting the dream?  Ummm…no one prepared you to live “It’s a Hard Knock Life” while striving to make it.

Thankfully, that’s not how your story has to continue…

You see, Annie also sang  – “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” and lit up the hearts and souls of everyone – well, most.

Can you say that you bottle up that same feeling working your side job?  Or do you:

  • Find yourself juggling a plethora of “survival” jobs in order to eat, live, take acting classes and get new headshots?
  • Cringe as you walk through the front door at work?  I can name the very restaurant to this day.
  • Grin and bear it as you serve drinks & apps till 2:00am with an early morning audition?
  • Stress over getting fired, getting your shift covered, or getting to work on time because you have an audition?
  • Question your purpose because you spend most of your time working a job/s you hate, while dreaming of working on set or up on stage, wondering when your time will come?

If you’re thinking – that sooo sounds like me!  And you’re over it – what if I told you that you could have a side job helping other people get healthy and fit on your own time, while getting in the best shape of your life so you feel sexy and confident to knock ’em dead at your auditions, and put an end to the stress of getting your shift covered?

Does that sound like a perfect triple threat to you?

If the answer is YES! – then let me share with you what I do for a living to support myself and my acting career.

I go by Health and Fitness Coach, yet I’m officially a Beachbody Coach, but I really think of myself more as a Lifestyle Coach for actors. And to this day, I am grateful to the actress who introduced the opportunity to me while on set working as an extra – shooting an Old Navy commercial.

Why I became a Beachbody Coach for my side job…

As an actor in LA, you’ll find trying to hold down a job or three – it comes down to as they say – it’s all about who you know. Once I managed to get my foot in doors by the help of several acquaintances, I became the actor who worked a plethora of survival jobs just to barely afford rent and other must-pay survival bills.  Anything outside of that…umm, there was the scraping of the change purse, the credit card, or it just wasn’t happening(this one won out the most).

Yep, I was hard core living the starving artist lifestyle.

After getting laid off from a corporate job, let’s count ’em – I worked as a field manager over a promotional staff, as a substitute teacher, and worked multiple catering, serving, and hostessing jobs to name a few.  I’ll just say the service industry knows me well.

Each job I was hired at, I either had to fight for hours, my hours were drastically cut, or I was simply taken off the schedule.  It became highly stressful, my health was taking a down turn because of it, and I was rockin’ it all out with no health insurance and a pitiful bank account to show for it.

I don’t know about you, but I had had enough as I knew I was made and meant for more.

Character Breakdown of a Flow Nation, Beachbody Coach?

Simply and wonderfully put it comes down to these five things:

  1. You get to fall in love with Beachbody’s fitness and nutritional line to live your own healthy lifestyle.
  2. You lead by example to not only practice what you preach, but to also inspire others.
  3. You provide structure, accountability, and encouragement (and a good kick in the butt when necessary) 😉 to those you are helping.
  4. You empower yourself, your customers, clients, and team to grow and improve to become the best version of themselves.
  5. You create a positive environment for your team to perform at star level.

Why I love my side job – as a Beachbody Coach…

My Top 10 Reasons:
  1. Health first – I’m in love with their top notch fitness programs and nutritionals + natural beauty line – I’ve found a fun and yummy solution for me to stay on top of maintaining good health and stay in shape, to live life + act with vitality.
  2. Family second – I love that I can travel and work remotely – to be there for my family + the freedom of time I have now to spend with family on vacation.  I no longer worry about not making money while away – I still make money even when I’m chilling in Mexico – love that.
  3. I’m grateful I actually enjoy what I do for a living + get to work along side my husband.  As an actress who has worked over 20 odd jobs I didn’t enjoy – I honestly didn’t know it was possible to come across a job that fills me up like a second passion.
  4. It gives me a sense of purpose to know I am here to also help others feel better about themselves from the inside out – helping them transform and shift into a positive mindset.
  5. It lights me up to empower other actors to take back their power – to strive for a more balanced whole life, to show they don’t have to follow the norm – honoring what they really want out of life while pursuing their acting career.
  6. I like the freedom of being my own boss to go on auditions and work on set freely when I book a role – scheduling my work day around my first passion.
  7. I love the ease and flow of acting opportunities that come now because I no longer focus solely on acting for happiness.
  8. I’ve grown a lot as a person from all the personal development that is required to build your own business and lead others.  And love that it helps create a positive mindset – knowing I don’t have to live the “starving artist” lifestyle until I make it.  I audition more freely for commercials vs. focusing on how much money I can make if I book it.  I too make residual income as a Beachbody Coach.
  9. I enjoy all the fun relationships I experience and have built with my customers + coaches on my team.  You become one big family of positive like minded people.
  10. I love the positive vibe, integrity, and mission of Beachbody – to help people live healthy and fulfilling lives, and how the company is forward thinking in the best interest of their customers and Coaches.
  11. Bonus: I love how Beachbody rewards you for your hard work through recognition, free trips to Disneyworld + around the world, and gives away monthly prizes!

Actors who make for a great Coach on my team, Flow Nation:

  • Are engaged in creating a fulfilling life along with acting – balancing out all areas of their life to live a healthy, abundant, and go-with-the-flow lifestyle.
  • Are interested in and serious about wanting to invest time in a side job that has purpose and compliments their acting career, elevating themselves individually and their career to book, live and enjoy life more.
  • Are tired of living the starving artist lifestyle – barley living paycheck to paycheck while dealing with the stress of making it to an audition and not losing their job.  Ones, who would love a flexible job that allows them to freely go on auditions and make enough money to not only just pay bills, but to enjoy life outside of everyday expenses.
  • Are serious about the pursuit of their career, their craft, and what they have to offer as an individual.  Therefore refuse to allow a side job that they truthfully don’t like – suck out the energy, creativity, and positive mindset – taking away the joy of why they wanted to act in the first place.
  • Love helping others and are willing to step out of their comfort zone and do the outer and inner work it takes to create the change they truly want to see happen in their career and everyday lifestyle.


Is joining Flow Nation sounding like a fit for you?

If your answer is YES! – then I invite you to sign up to watch my complimentary video as I take you behind the scenes to give you a closer look at Flow Nation and the coaching opportunity.  Just fill out your info below to get insider access.

Learn how you can live as an abundant actor before your big break.


I look forward to sharing it with you. : )

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