Freedom for Yourself from Negative People

“You can teach other people how to love you by how you love yourself.” – TD Jakes

A negative relationship in your life can easily distract you, zap your energy, and make it challenging for you to be your most creative and happiest self.

How do I know?  I’m no different from you – I experience them too.

I’m here to share a lesson I’ve been learning myself and truly starting to understand.

As we all have experienced in life not everyone will be in your corner, celebrate you, understand you, nor support you at times or perhaps even never.

So I’m grateful that I’m learning and realizing that when you have love for yourself, respect for yourself, believe in yourself, support yourself, celebrate you as yourself – who you are, what you like to do, have the ability to do, and achieve in what you do – can even laugh at yourself, and most importantly forgive yourself…

You no longer “need” that acknowledgement, support, love, friendship, or understanding from others who don’t have it to give nor want to.

It then becomes freedom for yourself when you can accept and put into practice that the love and support you desire must start with you first.  This in the end will boost your confidence and give you the ability to free yourself up to allow them to be as they are.

The struggle comes when we try to change them or get them to respond in the way we would like for them to.

Mirror mirror one the wall, the same as they can’t make you be and do as they wish you would to make them more comfortable.

Yes wonderful one, it goes both ways.

Freeing yourself and allowing them to be, in the end – it’s you having enough love, respect, and support for yourself while opening up head and heart space to appreciate and give more attention to others in your life that have that for you too.

Oh, how we can spend our time and energy on the wrong thing or the wrong people.

Therefore I LOVE that we don’t have to. : )

Comment below if you too have begun to give yourself the love and support you need and now just let negative ones be.

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