How to Give Your Best When You’re Not Feeling Your Best

I have a confession to make.

Recently during my time off…I got booked.   Yep, I got cast.  Yes, I was on set.

How did that happen while I was not auditioning?

I’ll start by saying, “Never count out any of your auditions.”  So check it, it was early this year in January when I had the casting opportunity.  I read for four different co-star roles for the upcoming season.  They said shooting would take place anywhere between March-August.

There are those auditions that you just know you did a slam dunk, you went all in, and it just felt “right” -aka – lived and not acted.  So if I’m to be honest as I was leaving, I knew I had booked one of those roles.  I came home and said to my husband, “I booked one of them.”

Come this past April as some of you may know who keep up with my blog – I decided to take time off.  As soon as I hit send on the email to inform my agent I was taking time off…I chuckled and then said to my husband, “Watch I’m going to book one of those roles while I’m taking time off.”

Now some of you who are into the law of attraction would say I manifested it, I would say I believe there is truth to that too.

Then come June I received an Avail. notice in my inbox in which I replied, “Holy Moly YES!”, to my agent.  Two weeks later, I was offered the role and welcomed to the cast for the second season of HBO’s, Big Little Lies.

I.  Screamed!

Now…excited as I was, ask me did I feel ready?  Emotionally a heartfelt – YES.  Mentally and physically an easy – NO.

After all the excitement had landed actor thoughts began to flood my mind like – who my scene was opposite of(watch the 1st episode of the second season to find out ; ), it was an Emmy award-winning show, I wasn’t particularly feeling my best at that time…lawrd – so doubt and fear began to pour into my mind as I questioned if I could even do the job.

How did it go on set?  Did I fail, barely survive, or thrive?

I don’t know about you and perhaps it’s because I ran track back in the day and still love fitness, but when it comes to acting for me I approach it like an athlete.  Knowing I had been invited to play, I was gonna do all I needed to do to get myself ready for the BIG game – mentally and physically.

So the answer is…I Thrived. : )

Have you been in a similar place where you have a big audition or you got cast and you just are not feeling your best – you either are starting to get sick or getting over being sick, you recently lost a love one, you’re going through a breakup, your neck or back are off the chain in pain, you have ongoing chronic pain, or you recently got food poison, etc.?  Who know’s life happens right.  So…

How Do You Give Your Best When You’re Not Feeling Your Best?

Below I’m sharing with you the steps I took to find my flow that helped me go from a victim mindset to a winner mindset.  I came out shining even though my body was still highly uncomfortable.  So I know you can too.


Before Set:


Ooooh, did she just list Therapy?  Oh yes I did.  The first thing I knew I was going to do was book an appt. with my therapist.  Admittedly so, finally giving into going to therapy has been one of the biggest gifts I’ve given myself in this lifetime.

As actors it’s so important to have an expert who you trust and feel comfortable with that can help navigate you through your own mucky water – life experiences, thoughts and ways of being that can self-sabotage us over and over.  Like fear, doubt, guilt, blame, shame, lost, etc. and the list goes on.

I shared with her my fears and doubts about the job and afterwards, I was good to go to take care of what I naturally know how to take care to be ready for set.  Most importantly, I decided to believe in myself and capabilities.


If you are a serious actor and are not a newbie to the game this goes without saying, but preparation is key.  I knew who I was going to be opposite of in the scene, the role I was there to live out, and what I was there to do.  So the work began – it was fun and empowering.

Fitness and Nutrition

I committed myself to do Yoga and continue to eat super clean every day leading up to it.  As it was a quick turnaround of a shoot date.


I kept to 7.5 – 8 hours of sleep every night.  You can read over on a recent blog post I shared about the powers of sleep.


While On Set:

Be Present

In acting class you learn a lot about the importance of listening and being in your body.  At any time, I wanted to up my game to make sure I was fully in it whether the camera was on me or the other actors in the scene – I became super present.

And it was juicy.  You see, feel, hear, listen, respond, react in such an authentic way that it keeps you in love with the art of acting because at that time you are truly living.

Turn Inward

One of the most powerful things I have learned on my journey back to optimal health is the power of our inner self.  It’s when you turn inward that you return to who you really are and are able to silence the noise, let go of your own “drama”, slay the doubts, fears, judgement, high demands we can sometimes place on ourselves to do a good job, and soothe your nerves.

While in the make-up chair, in my Honey Wagon, waiting on set in the cast chairs, in the bathroom with the director and other actors in between scenes, while stepping away off to the side for a moment, and on set…

I would make a point to turn inward and find the most peaceful, gentle and empowering place and state of being.

Give it a try.  With your inner strength on your side – you can survive, overcome, and thrive through anything.


During Lunch:


I currently have to stick to a GF, no sugar, no grains, no nightshades nutrition regimen to get me back on track fully with my health so I packed snacks, and a lunch for success to keep my energy and mood up.  Craft services is always eye candy and tempting, but not this time.

Self – Care

I took advantage of having my own Honey Wagon with a couch so after lunch, some stretches and meditation, I took a catnap to help bring my best for the rest of the long houred shoot day.


If you too find yourself in fear or second-guessing yourself I hope the steps above will help you find your way back to your own power again too.

Please know not all went perfect and smooth as I still had to keep an “in it to win it” mindset.  While shooting I was feeling very uncomfortable in my body and found myself adjusting my mindset and posture along the way.  But I was oh so happy that my performance was not affected by it – as I did it in one take and a “safety” to boot.  And the director was happy and spoiled me with praises.

I had the pleasure of leaving that set feeling super proud of myself, a little in awe of what I truly am made of and capable of, and feeling inspired for the future when I return to acting again full time.

In times of struggle, my actor friends allow yourself to find out what you are made of and enjoy the ride.













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