How to Win at the Patience Game

I’m not gonna lie, the art of being patient or have patience in the midst of rejection after rejection in all facets of your career – year after year is not easy.

Recently, I upleveled in a BIG way in my acting career.

After finally booking my first co-star role after moving to LA – five years later, I have now booked my first Guest Star role and it ended of being Top of Show!  That’s a big win for us actors right?

Now here’s the reality…guess how long it took me to book a Guest Star role since I moved to LA?  Oh, it’s in the double digits.  Did you say ten?  Try fourteen years!

Just sayin’ this girl did celebrate and reward herself for that hard-earned WIN.

As you have your eyes set on your visions for your acting career and to keep yourself feeling content, sane, and happy…

Are you finding it’s not enough to say I want to be an actor, I want to be famous, I have an agent, I’m in class, I got new headshots, I had a twitter conversation with a major producer, I have 2,ooo followers on Instagram, or even to say – I booked a costar, I booked a couple of pilots – both were recurring roles, or that you’ve been told how uber talented you are time after time?

Oh how I have learned through the years in order for me to stay in it to win it, I had to become friends with patience and stop treating it as some cliche that I would usually complain about and take for granted the power of having it.

Now, I believe that in this lifetime – patience is one of those top of the line, free gifts that you get to give to yourself.  Is it an easy thing to acquire?  Not at all, but possible and worth getting in a practice of doing on a daily basis and not only for your acting career but in all areas of your life.

So I thought it important to share with you How to Win at the Patience Game?  Cuz um yeah, waiting to book my first Guest Star…that took some patience.  Don’t’ get it twisted, this doesn’t mean I have patience down 100% for it will always continue to be a choice and an inner powerful weapon that I will too have to practice.

Here are my Flow Factors to Winning Patience:

~ Acceptance:

I chose to stop complaining about where I was at or rather where I was not at in my acting career.  In the end, it only put me in a bad mood, kept me unproductive, and fed my self-sabotaging unlimited beliefs and doubts that truly kept me from going anywhere.

Instead of continuing to go up against where you no longer want to be or the wall of I wish, surrender and let the dust settle so you can work from where you’re at and know your next step on a clearer path.

~ Believe:

I haven’t counted along the years how many auditions I’ve gone on that led me to the land of rejection.  That’s never been an interest of mine.  I just knew it was a part of the game and you’ve gotta go through a lot of no’s before getting to one YES.

What carried me through to all the yesses I have received was my preparation, visions, goals, and reflection on what worked and what didn’t at the end of each audition and at the end of each year to know what I needed to adjust.

It’s always been a simple math problem for me to figure out and one I’ve enjoyed: problem + solution + time = Booked

~ Knowing:

I don’t believe our purpose is just one thing when people say know your purpose.  I believe it is more than just one thing and in the sum of all things that is my purpose I do know for sure to be a working actress is one of them. However, my career may continue to unfold.

If you too know this with every fiber of your being and you’re putting in the hard work, it is what gives me the freedom to show up where I need to and allow my story to unfold.

~ Trust the process:

Over the years like most actors, I’ve come painfully aware at times of the fact that there is no one size fits all to an actor’s career nor is there a quick fix to just how long it takes to get cast in a role, uplevel in your career, and to make a name for yourself.

So it’s like how that saying  goes, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

From a newbie actor to a working actor you learn and begin to know what is required, expected, and needed of you to start crushing goals and seeing your dreams realized one step at a time.

And if you are showing up and doing your part for your career – you either make the choice that this is ultimately not a match for you and find another career path or you choose to keep putting one foot in front of the other so doors can open, opportunities can be yours, and you can later enjoy watching your magical work on screen.

~ Let go and flow with Life:

Once I found my flow with how to enjoy and take responsibility for my life while pursuing an acting career this is when it all clicked.  I let go of holding on so tightly to needing acting to work out for me to be happy.  I started to put my focus on every area of my life to find more synchronicity so I could truly live and experience joy.

I’ve truly come to a place of seeing acting as my chosen profession that I really enjoy, but it is not my everything. For when my mindset, health, money, having a side job I like, relationships, and spirituality are in flow that’s when I truly get to shine from the inside out because that is true peace, freedom, and living.  Accomplishments in your career come and go, but you as a person and your state of well being is the key factor to a long-lasting life and career.

So I leave you with this actor friends…

Try on a little patience, realize the game and play it, and don’t quit – you haven’t tried, overcome, and experienced everything yet.

P.S. I was surprised to come by this press release announcing I was joining the show, but you can catch when and where to watch my Guest Star role, from a current TVline article giving updates on the new hit show, Single Parents.



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