Take a Step Back to Propel Yourself Forward

In life, sometimes you have to take a huge step back, take time away, and surrender in order to propel yourself forward.

For me? Life spoke of change several years in a row.

It felt like one big whirlwind. One year I took a lot of hits from peeps I used to call friends, the next I suffered the huge loss of my Mother, to the next – I went on a big upswing of a lot of wins in my acting career – TV here I come!

I found myself caught up going in the direction of wherever the wind blew.  And it’s amazing that no matter how great your wins are, there are some lows that if not careful, can cloud the experience.

It was time to get a hold on things.  So at the beginning of this year, I chose to scale it all back to digest everything.  It’s been a year of – soul searching, cleaning up of my spirit, redefining – getting a better understanding of who I am, and where I fit in with the changes that have taken place in my life.

It’s the only way I knew to rebuild my foundation physically, mentally, emotionally, professionally as a business owner, and creatively as an actor.

On the acting front, I’ve shot a couple of things, but it’s been a relatively quiet year for me.  The timing of my career slowing down, I don’t believe that was a mistake for nothing just happens, and it’s something I’ve been grateful for.

I was able to find my flow again.

I’m happy to say I feel a lot better now – I have a lot more clarity, a lot more strength, a lot more acceptance of what is, no longer lost, and feeling whole again.

I’m getting Stronger every day.  At Coach Summit, I had to put my name on it and own it.

Living Stonger

Have you ever felt like you too have been or living in a whirlwind?  Comment below to share how you got got out of it.

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