How to Stop Prolonging Your Success

Don’t Settle For What’s Easy.

Yep, that’s right.

Stop prolonging success. Depending on where you are at on your acting journey – success for you may be just around the corner, just around a turn or two, or after many miles, twists, and turns of being in the driver’s seat.

Oh yes, YOU are in the driver seat more than you may realize.  This is a good thing – that it’s NOT solely up to our representation, casting directors, directors, or producers for our careers to unfold the way we are hoping and wanting them to.

Now realize this…that means you hold the power in which direction and how your career will appear.

The exact timing of when it will?  Now that’s where we let the powers that be gift us there.

However, I do feel you can speed up the timing by letting the universe know you’re truly serious, capable of handling a successful career and an abundant life – living out a life you truly desire.

And here’s how…

Don’t settle for what’s easy.

It’s a sure-fire way to prolong your success while cultivating self-sabotage and disbelief in yourself.

I reflected upon this one morning when my body wasn’t feelin’ getting in my workout and especially to do the strength training and cardio workout that was on my workout calendar – the one my accountable personal trainer prepared for me.

After listening to my body, it was definitely a yoga day for me, but it DID get done.

I could have skipped the workout altogether.  Who would have known?  Ahem…me.  As I know working out in the morning is a part of my morning routine to set myself up for a much easier – I can handle it, upbeat, living in flow, and I feel good kind of successful day.

If you are frustrated with where you are in your career and with other areas in your life, sit back and reflect on this question…

Are you caught up in a habitual way of doing what’s easy?

I’ve learned from many mentors and from my own personal journey where I too have to push myself to do what’s “hard”.  Yes life in general and creating a successful life and career can be hard make no mistake, BUT you can develop a sense of flow about it.

It starts with a choice.

And I choose to embrace the struggle so I can keep unfolding a successful acting career, a healthy mindset and lifestyle that brings me joy.

Proceed with an intention to live a successful and happy life.  Allow yourself to get uncomfortable because it IS in the way of doing what is easy that keeps you away from achieving your dreams.

Do you relate to any of these because I either have or still do and have to continue to push through…

“Easy” scenarios:

It’s easy to not workout because you feel you’re too busy and comfortable being lazy.

It’s easy to not care about eating healthy and eat what’s convenient and undeniably delicious.

It’s easy to not try and find representation because more than one agency or manager said no.

It’s easy not to self-submit for a project because you have your “reasons” or tired of not hearing back.

It’s easy to say, I’ll get to that tomorrow because you think you will, but it keeps getting pushed off.

It’s easy to not hone your craft every day because your days are busy, lack belief in the process and yourself.

It’s easy to not prep a scene for class because you feel they are not as important as casting opportunities.

It’s easy to not believe in yourself because you’re not seeing forward movement in your career fast enough.

It’s easy to binge-watch your favorite shows every night and not get enough rest because that’s more fun.

It’s easy to get lost on Instagram and Twitter and not read a book or listen to a Podcast to expand your mind because it’s easier to get caught up in everyone else’s life and compare than to take care of your own.

Simply put my Stars…

If you want to be on and stay on the road to success, you gotta take the road that’s less traveled and therefore not easy.

Yep, the one that directs you to do the things that MOST will not do – to make possible what’s possible and live the life you know you truly want to.

Today, decide easy is not for you because YOU are the ones that are willing to do what it takes.  Therefore accepting what’s hard to do and especially consistently without any tangible proof that it is paying off for you just yet.

To help you get started…what’s one thing you can do to become more disciplined and build a habit around that you know will help bring the results you wanna see for your health, career, or even your money flow?

If you feel unsure or overwhelmed with where to start and need someone to hold you accountable, book a Free 30 min. Flow Lifestyle Coaching Session with me and we will get you on a path of sustainable success.


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