Summer Checklist for Episodic Season

May is coming to an end and summer’s just around the corner.

In a beginner’s – working actor’s world, you know that’s the time of year when Pilot Season has ended and your email inbox and text alerts with casting notices have begun to dwindle down.

However, if you booked a pilot, you’re excited to head off to set to shoot through the summer months – Oh how I’ve been there, it’s fun!

But for some that may mean – Yay, it’s time for a breather from the craze of pilot season or you may be feeling a bit uneasy because it’s that time of year when it sloowws down and you’re not quite sure what to do for your acting career to stay in the game.

I actually like this time of year even if I’m not on set because it’s that time of year when I can come up for air and film auditions begin to roll out – my fav.

If you’ve read my latest blog post, you know I‘m taking a bit of time off and man have I missed some pretty awesome film casting opportunities this year!  Oh the temptations, but I digress – my health still remains my first priority until I’m ready to fully hit the ground running again and can maintain it.

It’s also a great time to take advantage of what this time offers you.  A chance to prep, prepare, regroup, make some changes, and recharge.  You know…find your flow.

Get in the power seat of your career – with this Summer Checklist to get you ready for Episodic Season.

I must state before you dive into it, I need you to think with a winner’s mindset and not go charging ahead and go a slaying this checklist, but instead – get strategic about it.

Here’s how…

Take time to think about where you are at in your career & life to instinctually know which action item/s to start with first.  Which one/s will make the biggest impact towards your goals?

So in no particular order, grab the list below and get to work and play!

Summer Checklist for Episodic Season:

Feed the artist in you:

  • Get cast in a play
  • Create your own projects
  • Find a job you like to pay the bills

Manage Administrative Needs:

  • Create or update your spreadsheet of all your casting opportunities this year to track who’s bringing you in, what roles you’re being called in for, any feedback, gather address/emails to send thank yous or postcards.
  • Create folders for each individual project to keep track of the contracts, pay stubs, and call sheets, etc.
  • Organize your pay stubs, expenses, and mileage for next year’s taxes.  You know it sneaks up on you and then you have all that to do at the last minute – avoid the dread.

Sharpen Your Marketing Materials:

  • Get new headshots
  • Update your website or create one
  • Gather footage to update your reel
  • Re-edit your reel to further showcase your type
  • Create quick clips for the Breakdown Services – casting’s preference.

Solidify Your Type:

  • Give your wardrobe a makeover – getting it commercial and theatrical ready.
  • Shoot scenes for roles you want to go out for from trending shows.  Update your reel to target those specific shows.
  • Watch tv and get to know your true casting – the type that will get your foot in the door and jumpstart your career.
  • Learn what shows are getting picked up and dropped from to learn what footage you need to re-edit your reel with to target those shows.

Study What works:

  • Binge-watch the trending shows on Netflix, HBO, and Hulu + the highest rating shows on the Networks to see why, find your type, and target those shows.
  • Gather what roles your headshots are getting you called in for and what roles you tend to book.
  • Take a look at all your casting opportunities this year so far, then watch those shows to see who booked it and learn what they were looking for and why you may not have booked it(for educational purposes only, not to compare.  It’s out of your overall control remember. ; )

Build Your Team:

  • Drop your representation if they truly are not a match and find a better fit
  • Create a community of actor friends to help with sides, self-taping, and recommendations
  • Find good representation that sees something in you – like you’re marketable or have the “It” factor

Increase Your Booking Ratio:

  • Improve upon memorizing your lines to be free to play in the world you live in through the story
  • Continue to prepare sides and self-tape yourself – don’t just wait around for your next casting notice
  • Reflect on what has been working during your casting opportunities and what hasn’t been to know what class to take next to excel at it.

Maintain Self-Care:

  • Schedule overdue Dentist/Dr. Appts.
  • Treat yourself to a massage
  • Find a fitness plan you can stick to and enjoy
  • Prioritize your daily schedule to get 7 – 8 hours of sleep
  • Keep a healthy diet following the 80/20 rule.  Eat clean and um, the 20% – treats in moderation

Rejuvenate your soul:

  • Get in a dance class to express the artist in you
  • Travel to your fav place or somewhere new.
  • Have a treat day with ice cream, cupcakes, or popcorn at the movies
  • Plan a potluck with family and friends to connect and catch up

During this slow season, allow yourself to enjoy your downtime and make the most of it vs. complaining that it’s slow or fearing what you haven’t accomplished yet.

Get in the flow, it will happen.

P.S.  Not sure what step to take next – feeling overwhelmed and burnt out?  Sign-up for a Flow Coaching Session to get a strategic and actionable game plan.

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