When You Bomb an Audition

Auditions, they are demanding.

They test you.

They stretch you.

They inconveniently show up when they want to.

They show you what you are made of.

They expose your strengths and weaknesses.

They challenge your psyche.

They help you rise above.

They honestly can Rock. Your. World.

Or not…

If you are at the stage of your career where you receive auditions you know they usually come at unexpected times.  A time that doesn’t always accommodate your schedule.

Ding!  You just got the audition notification in your inbox, but…

you need to go make a living in that instant, care for a child or parent, you’re dealing with drama that’s taking place in your life, […]

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How a Follow-up Email Got Me Cast 4 Hours Later

Yep, that happened.

My finger pushed send, I was cast, AND on set just 4 hours later.  

Can we say…”Like Whoa.”

The story of how it all went down…

I was attending the Premiere of Diana Leigh, a short I was cast in as a nurse from the 60’s.  After the credits rolled, we all exited the theater beaming with a sigh of relief because the film was a success.

Afterwards, during the reception – it was me, an actress friend, and the casting director of the film – all in the ladies restroom, chit chatting it up outside the stalls.  Yep, […]

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