Getting to Know Your Type

How many of you struggle with knowing your type?

I recently have worked with a couple of clients who had the goal of getting new representation and before we got into repackaging their marketing materials, creating a target list, and all the necessary prep work that goes into it when I asked what their type casting was – I began to see a theme.

Many actors don’t know what their type is and they leave it up to the industry to decide it for them.

So before we could jump into more of the administrative tasks needed to seek new representation we had […]

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Top 3 Ways to Book the Room

Don’t go to get booked.  Go to book the room.

It’s what we commonly hear as actors if you’ve been in the game for a minute, have taken an on-camera class, or have been on many auditions, but you haven’t booked anything yet – you’re getting frustrated and a mentor, actor friend or teacher reminds you of this…oh so golden piece of advice.

If you are new to the acting scene and you’re now learning this for the first time, keep reading and once you begin to audition – own it.  And watch your career and confidence unfold because of it.

If you […]

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How a Follow-up Email Got Me Cast 4 Hours Later

Yep, that happened.

My finger pushed send, I was cast, AND on set just 4 hours later.  

Can we say…”Like Whoa.”

The story of how it all went down…

I was attending the Premiere of Diana Leigh, a short I was cast in as a nurse from the 60’s.  After the credits rolled, we all exited the theater beaming with a sigh of relief because the film was a success.

Afterwards, during the reception – it was me, an actress friend, and the casting director of the film – all in the ladies restroom, chit chatting it up outside the stalls.  Yep, […]

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