Top 3 Ways to Book the Room

Don’t go to get booked.  Go to book the room.

It’s what we commonly hear as actors if you’ve been in the game for a minute, have taken an on-camera class, or have been on many auditions, but you haven’t booked anything yet – you’re getting frustrated and a mentor, actor friend or teacher reminds you of this…oh so golden piece of advice.

If you are new to the acting scene and you’re now learning this for the first time, keep reading and once you begin to audition – own it.  And watch your career and confidence unfold because of it.

If you […]

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How to Deal with a Side Job You Hate

Let’s talk side jobs.

The one that’s a necessity to have while pursuing your acting career.

Are you in need of one, another one, or want to be done with the one you got?

Hopefully, you feel lucky to have the one you got because you actually like what you do, it’s flexible, and the boss is oh so supportive of you and your career.

I’ve experienced all of the above.

Since moving to LA, throughout my acting career – I’ve counted having at least 23 side jobs if not more.  And most of the time, I was juggling 3 at a time just […]

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