Tell A New Story

New Year.  New Story.

Do you find yourself frustrated or doubtful when you aren’t seeing the results you want to see in your acting career or personal life…year after year?

Perhaps it’s time to tell a new story.

“I never get called in to audition during pilot season.”

“I can’t lose weight – I love food too much.”

“My schedule is too busy for me to get to the gym.”

“I can’t afford to take an acting class right now or even get new headshots.”

I’ll put myself out there first…

I’m totally guilty of telling myself and others the same story over and over throughout the years.  And guess what? It has served me none.

When I first moved to LA, puh-leaze I was telling the same story for six years!

It. Got. Old.

Just last year, I spoke a lot about having chronic pain as I shared my healing journey.  Near the end of the year, I realized the story I was telling, and I didn’t want that to be my story anymore.  So I started making adjustments to create change and things began looking up.

I have learned if you want to see change in your life you gotta start telling a new story.

I now speak about my journey with the focus on how I’m feeling stronger and enjoying having all this extra fun energy.  I feel excited about this new year.


They are created with intriguing plots, twists and turns, new beginnings that are full of struggles and triumphs.  We love them right?  

Now think on this…

Would you watch a TV show if they played the same episodes from season 1, week after week, month after month after month, year after year?  

Leave that decision up to the network?  The show would be canceled – not enough viewers would continue to watch it.  Loyal fans tune in to experience something new and exciting.

Now, let’s turn the TV to your channel…

You, cast as a Series Regular, would the viewers get to be inspired by your strength, joy, triumph?  Get to cheer you on in challenging times and see how you take care of things no matter what comes your way, laugh with you, and see how you are the hero of your own story?

Would your fans get to experience something new week after week, month after month – getting excited about the season finale – the end of your year?


Have the same episodes and season been playing over and over again and your fans(friends, representation, etc) are barely hanging in there as they crave and hope for something new and exciting to come along for you to explore.

Let’s Check in with Self…

Is there a story that you keep telling yourself about you and your finances, how you feel about yourself when you look in the mirror, how you feel about the reality of you booking a commercial and TV show, or how your relationships always end up disappointing you?

Is the story the same as last year, two years ago?

If you are still saying the same story – complaining, depressed, not believing in the possibilities…Yeah but, Yeah, I don’t know, You don’t understand, or last year was so hard – your story is going to be the same.

Simply put…

You can’t keep saying the same things – a story that is filled with “I can’ts”, limited beliefs, or the same excuses and expect things to turn around in your favor.  Where you are all of a sudden showered with lots of bookings, have excess money, with a yellow brick road to easily pave your way –

Making adjustments to tell a new story…

Want the fun, growing acting career and happy fulfilling life?  If um, YES please – It’s time to switch things up.

Don’t allow this year to be about the same old one.  There is a way for you begin to to tell a new story.  

What do you want your new story to be?

Look at your life as a whole.  This is not just about your acting career – that my superstars is not telling a new story, just focusing on one part of it.

Set yourself up for success.

This is a new year and a new time for you to find your flow.

Know What You Want

In getting what you want, you first have to plant the seed of knowing what you want – what you want to see happen.

What do you want this new year to be about?  Grab that journal or visualize throughout this process.

If you are wanting the same thing and have been wanting it for some time now, i.e. – to have a great agent, to book your first co-star, your first guest star, or to book a Series Regular role – that’s great – that means you truly do want it.  No shame in that.  And NO getting discouraged if it hasn’t happened yet.

Keep reading so you can begin to nurture what it is you want and have it materialize for you too. : )

Catch What You’re Saying

What you say and feel plays a huge part in the outcome of what you are wanting.  Begin speaking differently to start supporting where you want to go.

This was a big switch for me and still one I have to make an effort to do so I too can live the life I want.  In listening to how I would speak and noticing what words I was using, tone, demeanor, and attitude about it – that all had to change.

Consciously begin to stop yourself when you hear the same negative words forming out of your mouth – I can’t, yeah but, I would, maybe, I don’t know, I’ll never, I don’t think, etc.

You are NOT a victim.  You CAN change your outlook, circumstance, and story.

So enjoy telling a new story when you speak positively with hope and try new things.  Watch how your life begins to shift – it’s you becoming alive again, it’s the vibrations that you’re putting out to the universe, to the world. Notice the magical things that begin to happen.

Invite Change and Apply

Time to get real honest with yourself.  Does the story you’ve been telling make you feel safe, yet not happy?

When telling a new story there is a responsibility of creating the change you want to see and it always starts outside of your comfort zone.  That can be to do something that scares you or to finally put your “back into it” and do the work that’s required.

Living a great life and having an amazing acting career comes to those who are willing to make adjustments. 

Perhaps you’re frustrated because you feel like you already have it figured out, but things just aren’t happening for you?

In life, there is always room for improvement and doing things differently.  Try it and surprise yourself. ; )

Believe and Allow It

There is such a thing called the law of attraction and I’m greatly learning that it is oh so powerful.

What you believe about yourself and what you want – IS.  Be it positive or negative.


How did you feel and how did you let yourself begin to imagine when you first began to pursue acting and begin to book?

Those feelings and what you allowed yourself to dream about and see must return in order for your new story to be.

If you struggle with a little bah humbug about your career, how can you revisit the dreamer in you again and allow yourself to feel all over again – what used to excite you, made you happy, got you giddy, made you feel like a kid again, and like you were high on life?

If the thought of acting still makes your heart sing, you will serve yourself to fall in love with the journey again.  Let go of the doubt and the frustration.

I’ve decided to have fun and allow myself to get curious along my journey like a kid all over again and just see what happens.  I’ve found a joy in watching how it all falls into place.

You will begin to see why certain things had to happen on your journey first to prepare you for where you are going.   Then you will begin to trust the process more and allow it to unfold as it shall be.

Be the smart actor – keep doing your part(biz activities and honing your craft) to make your dreams become a reality.  AND…Allow yourself to believe again.  Give space and room to expect things to change in your favor and they will.

Your story can change.  Just decide that you want it to.  Begin telling a new one and enjoy living what you have created it to be.

Go rock the New Year my superstars!

Don’t know where to begin creating your new story?  Don’t be shy, request a complimentary one-on-one flow session so I can see how I can help. : )

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