The Mindset to Keep from Quitting Acting

Quit?  Nope, that’s not how my story goes.

As a girl from the South, I once said, I would never move to California because I was afraid to experience an earthquake.

Yep, that was before I was bitten by the acting bug or that feeling of joy rather. 😉 That didn’t stop me from quitting acting.

So now being a working actress in LA, it will still tickle my fancy to be on set looking out past the set trailers to see California mountains.

How Not to Quit Acting

Sometimes when you set out to do something, that feeling of awe can still come over you when you find yourself actually doing the thing you set out to do.

Many will say, it’s gotta be hard to make it in LA because there is so much competition.  And while I can’t dispute that when it comes to quantity, that never rang true to me.

Even though my journey has taken many twists and turns and more downs than ups, I’ve always leaned on belief.

Not knowing the how and the when, but just knowing and believing – they have been the two pillars of strength and heart for me to stick and stay.

And I also have lived by, a girl’s gotta do what a girl loves to do.

If you have a dream and you know it’s meant to be, protect it, live it, and allow it to come true. Hopefully, you’ll have the mindset that’ll you keep you from quitting acting.

What keeps you from quitting your dream?  I’d love to hear in the comments below!


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