Where Finding Your Flow to Book Begins

Finding your Flow.

The time had come…I decided to return to acting.

I have to say it’s been fun getting back in the game and in the swing of things again.

I feel like more of myself again!

Am I fully energized, strong and ready to slay any and all casting opportunities? Honestly, I’m still making tweaks. While also finding the time to fit in acupuncture, chiro and physical therapy appointments around auditions. All to enhance my health to a state of true strength, vibrancy, feeling free in my body, and just downright feeling good.

I pause to ask…how are you taking care of yourself to be a high performer in your acting career? For that is what we truly are as actors and it starts with how we take care of ourselves mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

It’s where finding your flow to book begins – with YOU.  Like I mean…start booking a lot and get cast in opportunities that are truly helping you build your career.

Your well being is your foundation to maintain your staying power in the game of acting while building a career beyond your imaginable dreams.

While jumping in an acting class, getting headshots done, finding representation, and building relationships are 100% a part of the process of creating success for yourself – so please do so, neither can give you your strong roots to keep up levelling your career.

However, creating a healthy state of being does and that comes from within you.

Like a tree that blows in the wind continues to stand strong because of it’s strong roots.  We too as actors get blown around in the wind from rejection, disappointment and it simply just not being “our time” to shine.  For it’s only when the tree’s roots are rotten that the tree falls down to the ground.

How grounded and rooted are you within yourself to continue to stand strong through the test of time?

Learn from my story, well my frustrating hamster wheel I mean before I had to find my flow in order to book.  Or shall I say strengthen my roots?

I started my career booking like a rockstar in smaller markets. Then I came to LA with stars in my eyes, feeling like I was going to go straight to the top – only to get downright humbled.

For many years I struggled in LA trying to get representation. I went from facing six agencies in a row telling me every reason you’ve ever heard as to why they weren’t going to add me to their client roster; to getting decent representation, but hardly being sent out to audition; to feeling desperate to add a tv credit to my resume so the casting directors would actually bring me in for an audition; to juggling jobs I ha-aated to survive; to even questioning if acting was really my purpose – oh my!

I did all the things we’re supposed to do as actors if we want to succeed. I sent out postcards, attended workshops, took acting classes, constantly said positive affirmations out loud. Puh-lease – nothin’ worked. After hitting a wall, feeling overwhelmed and getting nowhere – I just stopped.

It had become a journey I was no longer enjoying, and I started questioning if pursuing an acting career was worth my own happiness and peace of mind. I decided to go against the norm of making myself commit to lots of DOING to make it as an actor and I began to trust my inner wisdom as to what actions I was to take next.

And step by step…I found my flow and I began to book.  What was unexpected – it had nothing to do with acting though.

The bottom line?

You can’t easily attract representation, auditions, and more bookings unless YOU are in a flow in your life, truly living and enjoying the pursuit of building your career.

YOU set the stage for your life and career. If you’re in the flow, your career will flow to you.

Trust me, I get what you are going through, where you would like to go, and that your heartstrings keep getting pulled to act – regardless of the drama. It’s why you choose to stick to it and not give up.

Though truly you also wish your journey to getting booked could come to you a little easier, be more enjoyable at times, and wouldn’t challenge your day-to-day life so much.

SO…what area or areas in your life do you feel keep holding you back?  For it’s not always because you can’t get representation or other factors that are acting related that could be keeping you from having the acting opportunities you want.

When we are not fully in alignment in even one area of our life it does have a ripple effect on ultimately you as an actor whether that’s your health, mindset, a relationship, spirituality, finances, or perhaps you need to take action in your acting career.

Or dare I say, you are truly booking right now, but you’re finding it’s not bringing the joy you thought it would nor filling a void.

I get it.  Know you are not alone.

That’s why I so dig helping guide you along your pursuit of a-rockin’ acting career by YOUR design – finding your own unique flow to get booked.

The Heart of My Flow Consultations…

I approach each session with the intention of helping you create a feeling of ease on your path to becoming a working actor who’s in the flow by honoring yourself first – separately from being an actor – and oh how uniquely beautiful your story is already planned out if you allow the unfolding.

We work together one – on – one to honor your personal values, talent, and goals, stripping away comparisons of other’s journeys and successes and any self-sabotaging thoughts that can keep you playing small, and restoring your misplaced beliefs in yourself so you can begin to show up as the best version of you in this lifetime and in your career.

If you are feeling so in love with acting, but not the process, or tired of other areas in your life blocking your happy flow…schedule a free 30 – min. Flow Consultation to begin to live with more ease and get booked.

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