Hi, I’m Talia…

When people ask what I do for a living, I say…

I’m an actress and I also enjoy being an audition, career & wellness coach for actors.

What Inspired The Actor’s Flow…

The not so informed version?  I was a rebel against the idea of having to have a Plan B.

Because I was gonna make it damn it!

And, the for-realz version…
Pursuing an acting career – while it can light up your life in an instant and keep you coming back for more – can also bring you to your knees.  You question if you’ll ever make it, whether you’re living your true purpose, while bringing up every ounce of insecurity you’ve ever had.

You find yourself accepting – and even taking pride in – the way of the starving artist lifestyle.  It’s like a badge of honor you wear, because like me –  you’re determined to make it.

Buuuut…then you struggle with:

  • Constantly fumbling over the realization that you’re barely paying your bills
  • Always looking for a job that’s flexible and doesn’t suck too much
  • Choosing headshots and classes over health insurance

And for most, like myself….

  • Putting the importance of your health on the back burner.

Actor to actor, does any of that ring true?

I got to a place where enough was enough.  I decided that pursuing an acting career would no longer come before my own well being – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or financially.

Becoming a working actor was no longer more important than who I was becoming as a person.

By accepting the “actor’s life”, I realized that I was falling short in my actual life. I was struggling on many levels. Financially alone, I couldn’t find a steady job to save my life. Especially when the economy took a turn in 2008.

In hindsight, it was not cute living in an apartment with my bed in the living room partitioned off from the kitchen to create a bedroom because that’s all I could afford.

And oh how my self-esteem began spiraling down. It killed all my confidence and light for me to shine in the audition room. Ooooh, no wonder I wasn’t booking.

TAF About PageMy wake-up call

The day I woke up with a reality check was when my state of health began to decline. I was constantly feeling tired and noticing inflammation in my legs. A doctor told me that my blood pressure was too high, and that I would need to start taking medication. Right then and there, I knew that getting my health back on track needed to be my number one priority.

And after the award winning performance I gave in the unemployment office (real life, not scripted) because I had to fight for a small amount of income I earned from a previous job(they held my check for a month) – deep down I knew I was better than that.  And as I left, walking away, I began to feel a strong sense of dignity and said, “I am done.”

Done with acting?

To be clear, I was NOT done with pursuing an acting career.  That was still in my heart and soul.  But I was done with how I was going about it – always putting it first and so easily getting caught up in the rat race of survival while trying to make it.

I had to face the truth – that I was slowly being stripped away from who I knew myself to be – responsible with money decisions, eating healthy, and feeling happy and secure from the inside out.

Simply put, I was putting the pursuit of my acting career before my own well-being.

How I began to turn things around…

I realized I kept falsely attaching acting and getting booked as my source of happiness and self-worth.  In the process, I was wearing myself down, pursuing acting no matter what.

As a result, I was not giving any attention to what really mattered to support myself as an actor and to sustain a career – my health. 

I found myself in the need to focus on my well-being and began a journey of turning my health around through fitness and nutrition.  I fell in love with that lifestyle so much, I began to help others achieve the results they were looking for too. 

Through time, I became more mentally, spiritually, and financially fit.  This allowed me to be more confident, happy and present in the audition rooms.  And as I changed my priorities to put my well-being first and my acting career second (instead of the other way around), another shift happened – I began to book.   

I found myself and my acting career again…

This shift gave me a greater sense of balance between my personal life and my career.  I too realized I needed time for myself for fun, relaxation, purposeful self-care, and creating a healthy mindset.  That has been the key to allowing the state of being that has brought me to where I am.  And it’s one that I am continually discovering.  

With this new focus, the magic began to happen for my acting career.  I began to attract more acting opportunities, was able to let go of a number of side jobs that I dreaded showing up to, and was able to start putting together my life as a whole.

I found what I call, my flow.

Giving back…

I’m a working actor who is pursuing their acting career like you – while trying to have a truly lived out life.  It is that feeling of peace, joy and state of being that inspired The Actor’s Flow.

Now, in addition to pursuing my own acting career, I focus on helping actors live a healthy lifestyle to be ready for the demands of pursuing a career day in and day out.  My own journey taught me that a good fitness and nutrition plan were only part of the solution.

The total package

It was important to me to also help actors have a healthy mindset and a cohesive capability between their life and career, while keeping overall health and wellness as their first priority.  This includes having the ability to sustain great energy levels while juggling a number of side jobs, auditioning, having healthy relationships, and making time for fun and relaxation to fill up that happy cup.

On top of that, I have also found myself back behind the scenes again.  I have worn a lot of hats with previous time spent in casting and working at a talent agency in Atlanta (you can learn more about that journey over here.)

Pleasantly surprised, during the pandemic, while taking a break from acting, I found a new passion for coaching actors.  I love helping them become authentic storytellers to get booked, pinned, and called-back to the rooms.  Oh what fun – who knew?!

Going even deeper…

As my journey has continued to evolve over the years, I began to see a need to heal in a much deeper way.  Taking the time to do so was a game changer for my mind and health on all levels.  On that path, I became a teacher of the Subtle Body.  Oh, the stuff that’s underneath, where we can truly struggle with not knowing our worth.  It can be a scary journey, but I’ve found it to be the key to true freedom.  And when you find freedom in your life – well, just think what will do for you in the audition room.

How The Actor’s Flow can help you…

While I don’t consider myself an expert, I’ve learned some helpful tips, insights and tools along the way.  These have helped me enhance my life and acting career to help me live a healthier, happier, more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.  As a bonus, they’ve helped me go from a struggling actor to becoming a working one.

Here, I’ll share tips on how to find your flow in all areas of your life, and how to elevate your inner well-being. I’ll give health and fitness tips, insider audition tips, and some up close and personal actor insights from my own journey.

I LOVE inspiring actors to take action – to step out of their comfort zones to create an abundant lifestyle that supports their acting careers in ALL areas – spiritually, emotionally, physically, professionally, and financially to gloriously get booked.

My mission now…

To help actors approach their acting career in a more holistic way and share how to get in the flow and get booked – while allowing and finding acceptance in what IS along your amazing journey.  Now…


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